Longest Day of the Year

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! The longest day of the year. I’ve certainly felt it.

20120620-NOW 001

My longest day started at 4 am. Determined to listen to my stomach over my head, I had a somewhat small (for me!) breakfast of a Chobani Champion Orange Vanilla and a banana and crunchy peanut butter. It hit the spot and gave me that little fuel in my belly it needed.

When I hit the streets for my walk to work it was already bright out! I love that. I’m not so worried I’m going to be hit by a car. (I also bought a super bright Victoria’s Secret PINK hoodie due to the same paranoia…you can catch a glimpse of it in the next photo. ~.^)

Terrible day at work again. I’m so glad I’m going down to just two days of working at Safeway/Starbucks a week. There’s just too much drama due to bad bad management. Two of my co-workers have already quit and one’s already set to move to another state at the end of August. =( I again received no break so I held on to my snacks for my second job.


I did buy a doppio espresso with a splash of hot water and 2 pumps cinnamon dolce syrup for my walk home though. It hit the spot! Damn it was getting hot out though! I believe we reached the mid 70’s today. Summer solstice always brings out the best weather. ^_^

20120620-NOW 015

When I got home (chatting with my sister the whole way) I decided today was the perfect weather day to break in my new dress! I love it! I have this strange obsession with  cherries.

20120620-NOW 007

For lunch I listened and kept it simple. Leftover tomato soup mixed with leftover harvest grain salad. Delicious and filling!


Not filling enough though. At my second job, (yes I had to work both today!) I ate my healthy snacks: a nectarine and Nut Delight mini KIND bar, another Chobani champion, and eventually a second doppio espresso over the course of 6 hours. I’m really trying to stay up late tonight and party.


Chase picked me up from work at 7pm and we headed out to celebrate the solstice at Red Robin! We were given a free milkshake since we joined their royalty program so we wanted to make sure we got it before it expired. ~.^ We started with dessert. Banana milkshake split in two! Mmmm mmm.


For dinner I had the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger: Boca Burger on a whole wheat bun garnished with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pickles, onions, & Red’s pickle relish. Topped with cheddar cheese and enjoyed with some BBQ sauce on the side. With sweet potato fries, of course.

But wait, why did I have it on ./gag bread? Because I realized if I get it on a bun I only can fit half of it in. That way I have a second meal out of this pretty darn pricey burger! Plus it’s like 100x less messy. I ate half and the fries and packed up the other for lunch tomorrow. Plan successful. Now if only I’d left half the fires…

We left uncomfortably full and headed to Target to get a few things: my favorite crunchy peanut butter, a mop, and over the door hooks. Pretty proud of us for sticking to our list. We had fun browsing though!

Well I’m off to play video games with Chase! I hope you all had a great summer solstice!

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