Well my appetite is back! Not entirely sure that’s a good thing…Anyway, I woke up all by myself at 3:30am this morning. Just opened my eyes and decided if I got up a half hour early I would have time to cook a nice hot bowl of delicious and filling oats and eat it at me leisure.

20120619-NOW 002

And boy am I glad I did. Japanese oats (nutmeg and banana) topped with a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and dried cherries. It hit the spot and if I had had a more measly breakfast I don’t think I’d have survive the worst shift at work ever.

Over 5 hours of nonstop customers. No break. No relief. Our third person called in and for some reason it was up to me and my other co-worker to call around to other stores to try and find someone who can come in for her shift. Our manager didn’t care (since she had the day off..). It pissed me off. I’m not getting paid for this. Me and my co-worker thought about throwing up our hands and quitting right then and there. Anyway I got off over an hour later than I was supposed to, shaking, dizzy, and nauseous.


On my walk home I munched on a petite vanilla bean scone. Not the healthiest snack but I was so pissed off I didn’t care. I needed to be able to walk home. >.< When I got home I went healthier and finished my orange I started yesterday.

20120619-NOW 004

At noon I was surprisingly ravenous. Like my eyes were bigger than my stomach! I made this giant bowl of steamed green beans mixed with harvest grain salad and topped with a Boca burger. I ended up throwing out some of the beans. I just couldn’t fit them in! Also sipped on a small glass of mango lemonade.


While I relaxed in bed trying to feel better, I got snacky. >.> A Chobani Champion was consumed along with a mix of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, dark chocolate chips, and dried cherries.

20120619-NOW 007

For dinner I wanted more veggies and something comforting. My stomach may be hungry, but it’s still not happy. Food is staying in me longer though, so I feel like it’s more worth the extra effort to eat my veggies.

I made linguine with green beans and  meatless meatballs. Dressed in EVOO, salt, pepper, and parmesan. Simple and delicious.

20120619-NOW 009

While Chase and I got caught up on Hell’s Kitchen, I munched on more Quaker Oatmeal Squares, dark chocolate chips, and fresh cherries (unpictured) for dessert. I’m very full.

I’m a little disappointed in myself for all the snacking. Being sick reminded me how easy it is to just listen to your stomach on when to eat and now that I’m getting better I’m listening to my head instead. >.< Must work on that.


I was asked what my babies were up to these past few days with me home sick. Well of course these little love muffins have been keeping me warm in bed! Seriously spoiled with mommy time. ❤

I hope you’re all having a good week. Tomorrow is my Friday! (Hard to believe since I’ve been at work so little.) It’s going to be rough though since I somehow was scheduled for both of my jobs. >.< It’s also the Summer Solstice!

Doing anything special for the Solstice?

Oh don’t forget to enter my one year anniversary giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Head/Stomach

  1. Wow you have motivated me with all of your pictures to make some dark chocolate mix I can ration out 😉 Feel better!!

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