I’d say I’m 90% better! Today went really well and my 8 hour shift didn’t kill me. ^_^ Always a plus.

20120618-NOW 001

I had a simple breakfast of whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter, ground flax, and banana. Plus the very last of my skim milk. =( I went through this half gallon fast! Note to self: buy a gallon!

I then walked the 1.5 miles to work and only almost threw up twice…The day wasn’t looking good but I managed to pull through and now I’m glad I stuck to it. The coffee smells sent me a little over the edge at first and I felt quiet dizzy.


Lunch around 12:30pm was a small bowl of TJ’s Chunky Minestrone soup, 1/2 of this 1/2 grilled vegetable sandwich from Bis on Main (It tasted amazing at first but half way through I suddenly was repulsed by it), and a Chocolate Chunk Chobani. I’m really loving the soup right now.


On my last break around 3pm, I bought myself a short Caramel Apple Spice with only 1 pump sweetener and light whip cream. This drink is seriously heaven and that is why I only allow myself to get it when I’m sick. It’s pure sugar!

20120618-NOW 002

I was off at 5pm and promptly walked home. The walk went a lot better and faster than my walk there and I think that’s a great sign! When I got in, I cut up the orange Chase picked me up yesterday since he wants me to get more vitamin c. It was surprisingly delicious and didn’t upset my tummy.

20120618-NOW 003

For dinner I brought home a can of Progresso Chunky Tomato soup and enjoyed a bowl with a grilled cheese sandwich. ❤ I swear the vegetables and workouts are coming back as soon as I’m sure I’m better! Chase has told me to shoot for Thursday. He’s seen me too many times try to do too much while I’m recovering and get even sicker.

20120618-NOW 005

Tonight I had an appetite! After my soup and sandwich I had a little bit of the harvest grain salad that’s been sitting in my fridge for awhile. I ate it cold and it tasted great!

20120618-NOW 007

For dessert I munched on a perfectly ripe banana and some chunky peanut butter.

I definitely am feeling a lot better and I just hope it continues to go this way. Early morning shift tomorrow so I’m off to crawl in bed!

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