Smooshed Pennies

So we returned home to the Seattle area super early this morning! We arrived at the Ontario, CA airport on perfect time and boarded the plane straight away. Sadly they have no Starbucks in that airport (crazy!) so breakfast had to wait.


Of course, me being me, I was starving! So I ate two little packages of Cinnamon Bagel Chips & Pretzels and a cup of apple juice while I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the plane.


Once landed, we got straight inline at one of the many(!) airport Starbucks. Famished, I decided to splurge and get something I never do (due to calories!), a Cinnamon Chip Scone. It was delicious and pretty much a cinnamon coffee cake in scone form. Washed down with a short cappuccino. Mmm mmm.

And now to show off my souvenirs ^_^

20120612-NOW 007

I’d really been wanting a new wallet and Chase happened to see the perfect Hello Kitty one in the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo. I love the turquoise color and it’s nice and big so I can fit everything and not lose it in my purse! The selling point was, of course, the free tote that came with it since I spent over $10. ~.^

Since my birthday is coming up at the end of July, my sister Whitney decided to get me my gifts early because there were so many things I wanted in Little T!

20120612-NOW 003

This awesome placemat that is used in like all my photos today, this adorable Japanese Kimono Girl umbrella since I use one pretty much everyday…

20120612-NOW 006

and these gorgeous Japanese paper earrings! Wait a tick…I’ve gone almost 25 years without ever getting my ears pierced though..

20120612-NOW 012
But I finally got them pierced yesterday! That’s right. Turns out all I had to do was get a haircut I absolutely despised. It’s really different but I’m excited to be able to accessorize my ears!


And then there were purchases I got for myself. Check out this adorable and cheap(!) creamer set I found. Cute right!? I’d been telling Chase that I needed a real container to store my homemade creamer in and this one is perfect! The bottom is to serve sugar in.


Lastly, I am a big smooshed penny collector. I always have been. When we went to Disneyland when I was 8 I had my entire family (cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone) combing the park finding new designs for me. I wanted to collect them all. Of course, sadly, I’ve misplaced them over the years. So I decided it was finally time to be a real collector and purchase a book to hold them in along with my new Hollywood Boulevard penny. When I head back home to Montana this summer I am going to scour my room for more! I know I got one in Tokyo DisneySea…

Around 11:30 am I hit the gym for a 1.5 hour stationary bike ride. I wanted to make up for missing Monday! It was hot, sweaty, and just what I needed.

20120612-NOW 008

Unfortunately, it also meant I didn’t get lunch until after 1:30pm…and by then I was so in need of food I couldn’t take the time to cook. I quickly threw together a yogurt bowl (<3) of Greek yogurt, flax, a mushy peach, blueberries, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, golden raisins, and a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. Delicious.

20120612-NOW 009

Then I could cook. I made Danica’s Harvest Grain Salad for lunches for the rest of the week and had to give it a try. Mm just as flavorful as I remember it!

After eating I was hit with really really low energy and nausea. =/ I climbed into bed and ended up taking a nap with the babies until 6pm. Perhaps I didn’t get enough sleep on vacation?

20120612-NOW 010

We’ve been eating out a lot but still Chase wanted to get Chinese for dinner! I almost turned him down since I kind of wanted more veggies but then I decided I could just steam my own green beans instead of eating rice.

We are still looking for our Chinese takeout place so we ended up trying Szechuan Chef in Bellevue. I got Sesame Crispy Tofu and it was almost as good as Honey Teriyaki in Missoula. As planned I had it on a bed of green beans, no rice.

20120612-NOW 011

For dessert, Chase and I finished off the last of my cherries that were on their way out.

Now just to get some laundry done and spend time with the little ones. I love not having to worry about studying! Have a goodnight!

What do you collect?


2 thoughts on “Smooshed Pennies

  1. Anything Alice in wonderland, and Owls. I do love Hello Kitty too!
    Love your new items. Sounds like everything went well in so cal for vacation 🙂

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