Today was a full day of being touristy! It was awesome. I love being a tourist.

20120611-NOW 001

It started bright and early with some Starbucks breakfast. I tried the Spinach, Feta, and Egg White Wrap and a tall iced coffee with 1 pump sweetener and a splash of half and half. The wrap was delicious!! I would definitely get this again. It was very filling too.

20120611-NOW 005

Then we headed to Little Tokyo. First stop, the Go For Broke Memorial. My grandfather fought in the 100th Battalion during WWII along with many other Japanese Americans. This monument is in honor of them.

Rising to the defense of their country, by the thousands they came – these young Japanese American soldiers from Hawaii, the States, America’s concentration camps – to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. Looked upon with suspicion, set apart and deprived of their constitutional rights, they nevertheless remained steadfast and served with indomitable spirit and uncommon valor, for theirs was a fight to prove loyalty. This legacy will serve as a sobering reminder that never again shall any group be denied liberty and the rights of citizenship.

— Ben Tamashiro, 100th Infantry Battalion

20120611-NOW 009

On the back side are all the names of every soldier who was apart of this Japanese American force.

20120611-NOW 010

It took us awhile, and finally, using Google, we found my grandfather’s name. ❤ It was nice seeing it there.

20120611-NOW 014

Next up, shopping at the Japanese Village Plaza Mall. A gorgeous little area with tons of Japanese shops! I spent quiet a bit of money. ~.^ I’ll show you my amazing purchases tomorrow, I promise.

20120611-NOW 015

For lunch, we had to eat Japanese food! I got a salmon bento box and ate all the tempura (a jubo shrimp, kabocha, potato, and broccoli), one of the salmon fillets, the California roll, and a bit of the salad. It was delicious!

20120611-NOW 016

For dessert we got mochi ice cream balls! ^_^ I had a pistachio one…and then a coconut. They are just too good and perfect for this hot day. I’m definitely getting more of these at Trader Joe’s when I get home. Perfect bite.

20120611-NOW 019

Then we hit the boulevard! Hollywood Boulevard that is, and visited the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. We didn’t go on the tour or anything, just wanted to say we’ve been and check out the prints.

20120611-NOW 025

No Steve Martin or Steve Carrel (my favorite actors), but I did find R2D2, C3PO, and Darth Vader!

20120611-NOW 033

Next stop, Griffth Observatory to have a good view of the Hollywood sign!

20120611-NOW 035-2

Trying to get the sign in the background….

20120611-NOW 042

Giving up and just getting us. ^_^ Look how dark my sister is!? California living…

20120611-NOW 045

Chase basked a little too much in the sun today and is a wee bit sunburned. We are pretty ready to go back to Seattle where it’s not so harsh!

20120611-NOW 054

Now, as promised, photos of me with Raiden! He was super squirmy this evening so it was really hard to get him to look and not move.

20120611-NOW 067

Oh and not to strangle me when he decided my necklace must be devoured.

20120611-NOW 084

He calmed down quickly though as soon as Chase sat him in front of a video game!

20120611-NOW 087

We had Indian food for dinner tonight at Diamond Palace.

20120611-NOW 088

We were so hungry (It’s between 7-8pm) we had starters of samosas! (Crisp pastry filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas) We all agreed that this was the most spicy dish of the evening!

20120611-NOW 089

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Two pieces of scrumptious garlig naan, 1/2 slice onion kulcha, and a few scoopfuls of palak paneer (creamed spinach cooked deliciately with cheese curds) and bhindi masala (stir fry okra cooked in cumin, ginger, ang garlic). YUM! The bhindi masala was my favorite. So flavorful and unique.

I had such a wonderful time down here in sunny California I can’t believe it’s already time to go home! Our flight leaves at 6:30am so we are getting up super early (yet still sleeping in for me) and hopefully grabbing breakfast in the airport.

Did you all have a nice weekend?

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