Pool Party

Forced myself to sleep in until 7:30am this morning and then woke up to this…

20120610-NOW 002

Yes that’s right. The cutest baby in the world!

20120610-NOW 007

There was then an hour or so of playing with the birthday boy. Chase and I felt pretty special to get to spend one-on-one time with him. He has a HUGE fan club.

20120610-NOW 009

Breakfast was some pancakes with fresh berries and sugar-free maple syrup. Holy yum. By this time I was very very hungry indeed! This is a late breakfast for this early bird!

20120610-NOW 010

Before we headed to the party there was some necessary stops. For example, Starbucks! Tall iced nonfat latte with caramel drizzle. Mmm I’d forgotten how lattes taste like. Very creamy.

20120610-NOW 019

And then we were off to the pool!

20120610-NOW 012

The birthday boy and his dad were ready for some water action in their matching trunks.

20120610-NOW 018

Of course his mum needed to lather him up in baby sunblock first!

20120610-NOW 020

The pool was very shallow and perfect for a bunch of small children. Chase and I got in for a bit though since it was a nice and hot L.A. day.

20120610-NOW 022

After awhile of paddling around it was taco time. They had five different kinds of meat!

20120610-NOW 023

Of course, I don’t eat meat though…so I ended up with a plate of Mexican rice topped with salsa, cilantro, pickled onions, and radish. The salsa was way too spicy for this wuss though, so I ended up washing it down with lots of horchata and gold fish.

20120610-NOW 026

Then it was back in the sun since we were freezing! We decided to just sun bathe. Chase’s toe’s give this relaxing trip two thumbs up. ^_^

20120610-NOW 024

Cake Time!

20120610-NOW 040

The Raiden may have been a little wearing out by then…but we all sang happy birthday anyway!

20120610-NOW 046

Chase and I shared this piece of chocolate cake with three different filling layers, coffee, banana, and ganache. It was pretty damn sweet so I’m glad we shared…even though I was pretty hungry by then.

20120610-NOW 047

Raiden didn’t care about the cake…

20120610-NOW 048

And ended up taking a nap. ^_^

After hours of fun and cleaning up, we left the pool and headed to dinner!

20120610-NOW 055

I was so kindly taken to an actual vegetarian restaurant: One World! An entire menu of food I can eat. Surprised smile It was soo hard to choose!

20120610-NOW 058

My dinning buddy found that silly.

20120610-NOW 060

I ended up getting Zesty Serendipity: Crispy veggie chick-un coated with an orange zest glaze. Served with broccoli and brown rice.

HOLY DELICIOUS. I would so eat this again. I cleaned my plate.

Since we are on vacation, we decided to splurge and get dessert as well to eat at home later.

20120610-NOW 001-2

I had a delicious slice of carrot cake..

20120610-NOW 002-2

And Chase had some Thai Banana Rolls (which I also tried). Both very delicious but I was surprised that this restaurant didn’t go the extra little mile to make their desserts vegan. In my opinion, that’s the easiest thing to do!

This vacation has been such a blast relaxing, partying, and seeing family. Hopefully tomorrow there is a bit more exercise though!


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