Just Not a Great Day

Sorry this is late but I seriously considered not even posting it. Yesterday was just not a great day. I felt like I just ate wrong and I was too tired (and coming down with something?) to even get in my run.

20120604-NOW 001

It started right. Big bowl of yogurt mess for breakfast: Greek yogurt, flax, Quarter Oatmeal Squares, raspberries, blueberries, dried cherries toasted almonds, and almond butter. I missed yogurt so much.


At work I felt dead tired and just couldn’t snap out of it. So I ended up getting a short nonfat coconut latte and enjoyed it with my banana and peanut butter.

20120604-NOW 002

I tried to eat what I wanted for lunch while keeping my portions in check. Two slices of cardboard box leek and broccoli pizza and a chocolate vanilla chobani with a little bit of pecans.

20120604-NOW 003

Then while I waited to head out for my last day of class at Cascadia Community College I munched on this little cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. I knew I wasn’t hungry. I ate them anyway.

When I got back home from class I did everything in my power not to snack. I read a book. I took a nap.


Immediately on waking I gave in and ate a banana and peanut butter. Again, it didn’t feel like hunger. =/

20120604-NOW 004

I tried to keep dinner healthy at least though I almost had French toast with Chase. Club soda with lime, a big massaged kale salad topped with toasted pecans, dried cherries, and blue cheese, and a bowl of broccoli and blue cheese soup. Yummy but I still felt guilty.

I then felt very low energy and overall maybe-getting-something-feeling. Chase and I kept trying to work up the energy to go get our run in, but in the end I passed out in bed.

Today I’m going to try and make up for yesterday! Wish me luck and see you tonight.

How do you get back on track when you feel like you’ve failed?


3 thoughts on “Just Not a Great Day

  1. Here’s the thing I do.. When I feel like im making bad decisions I try to stop and reflect on why? Stress, tiredness, anger I guess emotion??? Whatever the case it was one day! I think when it becomes several thats when we need to worry. Its the consistency that really counts.So stop Beating yourself up for what you call a “bad day” as I see it, I really feel like you didnt.. Keep going Robyn your doing a great job! You put yourself out there everyday to keep yourself in check. Let it go and jusy push forward, and I will too 😉

    • Thanks for your kind words, Heidi. Looking back over what I ate I don’t consider it that bad either it’s more the fact that I did stop and go..okay I’m not hungry..and then I gave into my cravings anyway! That’s what made it seem like a “bad day” to me. I almost didn’t post any of my pictures because I was so ashamed that I knew I wasn’t listening to my body and yet did it anyway.

      Today has been much better though and I know I need to take it a little easy on myself sometimes. ~.^

      We can do this together!

      • I love it!!! I really appreciate that..I need support too. I hate having to battle myself about food it sucks I feel sometimes like I give it waaaay to much power but such is life there is definately more things to worry about than food

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