Wine…er Whine.


Japan 2010 064

Benihana “safflower” in Japan are very important because they are used to make dyes for kimonos. We went through a whole museum devoted to them! Sadly, we couldn’t take photos of the kimonos so I’ll just have to tell you they were exquisite!

My day had a lot of suck in it so be prepared for a little bit of a whine fest. You’ve been warned.

First off, with my Sunday being filled with my first 8 hour shift at Starbucks, I knew I wouldn’t have much time (nor drive) in the evening to get my workout in to make up for being lazy on Monday. Sooo I chatted with Chase and he agreed to drive me to work so I didn’t have to get up too ridiculously early to fit it in in the morning.

My alarm went off at 6:30am. Half-asleep, I put on my workout clothes I’d laid out the night before. I walked to the gym. I brought my keypass just in case the lock was suddenly activated. And bam. I found that the deadbolt was drawn! OMG. You cannot call your fitness center a 24-hour one and then lock it!!! I was livid and went back to the apartment where I couldn’t get back to sleep so I wrote an angry letter to my property management and had breakfast. Not a great start. I really tried to be good. =(

20120603-NOW 001

Breakfast was thrown together in a rage. Still working on that light whipped cream cheese! I had two slices of Double Fiber bread with it and orange marmalade plus a hard boiled egg and half a banana. Wow this bread is dense! Too slices had me super full.


Then, since I was in such a bad mood and not ready to head out the door to walk to work at the right time, Chase still gave me a lift. ❤ I Which gave me time to brew a cup of Tribute mixed with two tablespoons of homemade creamer.

Whine: I think my I cooked the creamer too long because it’s got strange chunks in it!! T.T


We were super slammed this morning so I didn’t get my break until noon. By that time I was so shaky and spacey I hardly remember eating this. The last of yesterday’s apple juice and pretzels.


Lunch at 1:30pm was delicious. I’d made a batch of broccoli and blue cheese soup last night and I finally got to try it! MMmm! I was afraid it might be on the bland side but it wasn’t.  I also had a Orange Vanilla Chobani.


Now this food didn’t really fill me up and I was so worn out from working I decided I deserved a treat. I ended up buying three Petite Vanilla Scones and ate two of them. They are delicious. I think I am a scone person but I never get them.

After work I walked the 1.5 miles (my only exercise for the day!) home in the sunshine while chatting with my sister on the phone. I can’t believe I get to see her in one week in L.A.! I whined about my job and talked over me finding a new one…I sort of want to cross-train into the Bakery department and decorate cakes!

20120603-NOW 003

When Chase and I discussed what we wanted for dinner we both said: pizza. We had Safeway frozen ones in the fridge and I had such wonderful toppings all ready prepared for mine. >.> Yes we know we just had pizza….but we love it!

Three slices of the most delicious cardboard-box pizza (what my dad always calls frozen pizza’s cause he thinks that’s what they taste like) ever! Topped with semi-caramelized leeks and sautéed broccoli stems. YUM.

For dessert I had my last scone and a handful of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and dark chocolate chips. >.> It helped me feel better?

So anyway tomorrow’s another day hopefully full of less whine!

Go ahead, let the whine out.


3 thoughts on “Wine…er Whine.

  1. You crack me up!!! It’s okay to whine, sounds like this Sunday was not your best, but on a happy note you had yummy vanilla scones those are the best! Hope Monday is a better day for you.

      • Oh great!!! I hate that I have bought a refurb phone thinking I was being smart trying to save money… Mistake!!!! It sucks, now your out more money! Boo to that one! P.S. Cake decorating would be totally rad! 🙂

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