One Day Weekend


Japan 2010 005

I did buy a few video games while I was overseas because they have a lot of stuff we’ll never get in the States plus they are all in Japanese so I thought it would be a good way for me to continue to practice! Sadly I haven’t picked them up in years now but they were very interesting and cute. Maybe I will for the 4 trips we’re taking this summer!

First off, I apologize for the wordless post yesterday. I really had so much I wanted to share with you all but not the time in which to do it. =/ This should be my last super busy week though so each night I can write a real post.

20120531-NOW 001

This morning I had the final bowl of hot cereal for my May Hot Cereal Challenge! I almost had it everyday for breakfast for a month but that morning the power wasn’t on made it impossible! I had a good time trying new things flavors such as peach and unusual mix-in’s like cream cheese! That said, I’m pretty psyched to eat some other things for breakfast now, like yogurt!!

This very last bowl was strawberry oats mixed with cream cheese, almond butter, toasted almonds, and dried cherries.


I was pretty excited for my break at work this morning because I was finally going to use my free drink card (Starbucks Rewards) to get me the biggest drink ever! I got a Venti quad nonfat white chocolate mocha no whip and drank about 2 oz on my break with some trail mix. The rest I dumped into my handy dandy thermos! I had plans to drink this throughout the day and into the night so I can stay up and enjoy my first “one day weekend” in two weeks! And drink it I did. Did my plan work? I’m not sure…it’s only almost 9pm!

Once I walked home I jumped in my tennies and did a sweaty 45 minute hill stationary bike ride. I’m really enjoying biking over running since the treadmill is still broken. =/ Hopefully it’ll be warm enough out soon so I can swim!

20120531-NOW 002

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t very excited for lunch because I felt like I had no food to be excited about. I made a massaged kale salad topped with shredded mozzarella, toasted almonds, and golden raisins. Maybe I’m getting tired of these or need different toppings? For a little more heft I also had a bowl of TJ’s Harvest Grain Blend. I love this blend for all the different textures!

Then I was off to class for my very last lab. Phew! I got a 94% on my last exam which in comparison to my first, 115%, isn’t stellar but I’ll take it. The exam was hard. Like, I studied all the wrong things.

20120531-NOW 005

I was so unexcited about dinner (we have some noodles in our cupboards and that’s about it) that Chase and I decided to party it up for our Diablo III gaming night and order Pizza Hut. Normally, I hate Pizza Hut pizza. It’s got a certain taste to it that I just don’t enjoy, but I was willing to give it one last try for Chase.

I got a medium hand tossed, light cheese, pizza topped with pineapple, onions, and green peppers. I ended up eating five slices because they were so unsatisfying! I really don’t like the taste! It’s like they put sugar in the crust that leaves you wanting more instead of feeling like you ate a hardy hunk of bread. At least I don’t eat that much pizza every time. >.<

I hope you all have a great Friday ‘cause I know I will! It’s grocery day!

Pizza Hut Pizza: yay or nay?

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