Memorial Day


Oe and Exploring 023

As stereotypical as I might sound, sumo wrestling is very big in Japan. They even have tournaments in elementary school for all ages and sexes! The people would joke and ask if we’d like to try and when we answered yes though they’d laugh it off. =/ Too bad too because I’d have liked to!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day! Mine turned out to be pretty darn fun.

20120528-NOW 002

It started with a nice hot bowl of Strawberry Cheesecake Oatmeal topped with dried cherries. I will use up this cream cheese before it goes bad!

Then it was off to work until 9:40am. It was nice and slow today.


Still, I was more than hungry on my break. I had a cup of green tea with a splash of half and half with a strawberry cereal bar. These go really well together!

Even with my snack, by the time I walked home I was sooo ready for lunch. Chase and I had plans to go browse the University Village in the U District though so instead I grabbed a small snack to tide me over.


Chase and I split this bag of edamame rice cracker thins while we drove over to Seattle.


And then we found food! Pallino is a pretty cute Italian eatery. You walk in, grab a paper menu, take a seat, figure out what you want, then place your order at the front. At first I was torn between a panini or a pizza but then  I saw they had minestrone soup with cheese tortellini in it and I had to have it!

It wasn’t outstanding, but I would probably come back to Pallino to try the pizza. Chase had a small one and said it was outstanding!

We then walked around for a few hours browsing shops but not buying anything! I couldn’t find a bright hoodie. =( Some other day!


Since lunch was pretty light we ended up stopping at this vibrant self-serve frozen yogurt shop called Menchie’s! I’d never seen this franchise before but I loved all the different flavors and toppings they had, plus their staff was super peppy and friendly.

I had an unusual mix for me: tart green apple and cupcake yogurt topped with chocolate covered sunflower seeds and colored mochi. Loved it but wish I’d put more yogurt in my bowl! Gone too quickly.

When we got back home around 2:30pm Chase let me take a little nap. I was soo tired from this morning. It felt so good but I didn’t want to wake up around 4pm.

20120528-NOW 003

Food always gets me out of my daze so I had a slice of whole wheat toast with the last of the Crunchy Biscoff and a glass of skim milk. I’m going to miss this stuff! Too freaking good.

Then I went to work on studying for my very last microbiology exam! Oh my goodness, we went over such a wide variety of topics since the last exam I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

20120528-NOW 004

Around 7pm, Chase and I were both craving Thai food. We justified it being a holiday and hit up Pen Thai for some phad see  lew (mine with tofu of course) takeout! Oh my this is pretty much my favorite thing we’ve found over on this West coast.

I steamed a whole pile of frozen green beans to mix with it so I could really fill up without eating the whole portion. Now I have a whole other meal to enjoy it. ^_^

20120528-NOW 005

While I studied even more (so trying hard to keep caring) I munched on some Raspberry filled Dark Chocolate.

No workout tonight since I am soo very sore. Seriously. My back and legs are killing me. I feel old. =/ I’m going to go pop in the bath to try and make it better. Have a good night!

How was your Memorial day?


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Delish!!! But we had to wait an hour for a table! Sooo worth it…. Oh Zen breakfast how I love you!
    Robyn, hope you get to visit SD soon so we can have bfast together 🙂 Your eats look yummy today, glad you had a good Monday!

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