Worth It or Not?


Japan 2010 045

I noticed there are a hell of a lot of smokers in Japan! There are even vending machines on the side of the road that lets you buy packs of cigarettes. Since I don’t smoke I never figured out how these machines check if you are of age, but to me it seems like they make it a little too easy for one to light up!

Thanks to all your brilliant suggestions, I used a little cream cheese this morning!

20120526-NOW 001

That’s right, Banana Cheesecake Oats topped with fresh banana and a little golden raisins. Deliciousness. I forgot how good this works in oats. Thanks for the reminder! I also sipped on a mug of Starbucks Tribute since I’ve officially ended my week with no coffee. ~.^ Sadly, since I’m used to espresso now, this cup seemed really watered down. I ended up throwing away half of it.

I then did a really stupid thing and went to the bus stop without my bus pass. >.< Doh. I ended up having to pay $2.25 for a 2 mile ride that normally costs me nothing! I was so ticked.


So ticked, I grabbed a tall iced coffee sweetened and splashed with some half and half. God I love coffee.

20120526-NOW 003

For lunch I brought a delicious mixed greens salad topped with leftover caprese and some homemade crotons. I only ended up eating half my lunch, no granola bar or banana because…


Our office manager surprised us all with some Starbucks goodies! Unsweetened Grande black teas (0 calories, don’t mind if I do!) and blueberry muffins.I ate half the muffin then realized it totally wasn’t that good so I stuffed the rest in the garbage. NOT worth the 370 calories! (I’m actually pretty glad I looked that up because I thought it was more like 500+)

Refusing to pay so much for a bus ride and sadly in the wrong shoes (black wedges), I accepted a ride home from my coworker. What a doll to drive me! I was so glad I didn’t have to walk. It would have been very very slowly. (Read: my feet are still in pain from yesterday!)

20120526-NOW 004

When I got home I snacked on a banana and Crunchy Biscoff spread. Holy cow this spread is good with anything. Honestly I can never buy this again! I had this snack because I had a big shopping date with three of my Starbucks coworkers at 5pm. ^_^ We went all the way to the U-district to do some H&M shopping. I ended up finding a cute skirt, shirt, and dress so I’m glad I went. Sometimes I just have to force myself to do social things.

When I got home around 8pm, Chase and I were determined to try out our complexes’ pool that just opened. We got in our swim gear, stepped two feet in the pool…then had a little debate and got out. Brr! We’ve made plans to hit it up Monday since Chase has the day off so we can go in the sun!

20120526-NOW 006

Instead we came back home and made some dinner. Big massaged kale salad topped with shredded mozzarella and golden raisins and a Dr.  Praeger burger with salsa. Since I knew I needed more carbohydrates I also munched on a pre-portioned baggie of Trader Joe’s Savory Thin Mini Edamame Crackers. These little babies are delicious and at only 120 calories for 38 crackers totally worth it!

Now I just finished my last microbiology report and am nursing a headache I’ve had since 4pm. =( I think I’m gonna crawl in bed with a little chocolate and get some sleep!

Night everyone!

What’s the most recent thing you’ve eaten that was totally worth it or totally not?


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