These Shoes Weren’t Made For Walking


Japan 2010 024

When most people think of Japanese food they think of sushi. And by gods I wish that that was the majority of what Japanese people ate! I’d have loved sushi. I was only offered it once my entire three months there however. Most of the sushi that I did get to enjoy was bought at the grocery story of convenience store pre-packaged but made fresh that day.

I got to sleep in until 5:30am today!! How come? Because Chase let me use the car to get to work which apparently only takes 3 measly minutes from our apartment. Normally I would stick to my walk since it saves gas, the earth, and burns calories, but I was in a rush to get home today for big plans.

20120525-NOW 001

After my nice 30 minutes of sleeping in (after being rudely awoken by Vinni because he needed breakfast), I had a yummy bowl of blueberry oats topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, nut topping, and dried cherries. Mmm mm!


During my 5.5 hour shift I had two breaks, both of which I was starving for! On my first one I had an Earl Grey tea with half and half, a banana, and a serving of trail mix. On my second one I was so hungry I had to use the last little bit on my Starbucks Gold Card to grab a Caramel Macchiato Biscotti with a glass of nonfat milk. Cookie Friday!

20120525-NOW 002

When I got home, Chase and I had lunch so we could get our day-plans in motion. I had a massaged kale salad topped with toasted walnuts, shredded mozzarella, and golden raisins. Plus two Morningstar Farms Veggie Dogs with ketchup and red onion. Two was too much but I didn’t want to get hungry while we were out!

20120525-NOW 003

Because we had a date at the Woodland Park Zoo!! We were supposed to meet my friend Del here at 2pm but she ended up not showing until 4pm.

20120525-NOW 035

Oh well. Chase and I still had a blast taking our time viewing the exhibits!

20120525-NOW 025

We saw gorgeous exotic birds.

20120525-NOW 040

And thoughtful gorillas.

20120525-NOW 047

Dainty and tired flamingos.

20120525-NOW 083

And hungry hippos! He was my favorite ^_^

20120525-NOW 147

Chase enjoyed all the turtles/tortoises we saw since he still misses Lily.

20120525-NOW 170

As well as the tiger since that’s his favorite animal all the way back from when he was just a little kid!

We walked the entire 4 hours at the zoo and I ended up with bleeding and sore feet since I used my new shoes. >.< I never remember to break shoes in before I break my feet in them. I am tired!!


For dinner Chase and I headed back to Kirkland and went to Café Veloce since I have been craving caprese this whole month and wanted to give theirs a try.

I ended up eating a bunch of bread with the tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil (which wasn’t outstanding) along with a glass of moscato (which was!). Overall I think Chase and I will find a better Italian place next time. They just didn’t wow us and certainly not with their prices.

Anyway, my feet hurt and I’m tired so I’ll probably spend the rest of the night relaxing watching TV munching a little chocolate. I hope you all have a great Friday night!


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