What to do with Cream Cheese…


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Being newly off of Weight Watcher’s it was somewhat hard to allow myself to eat the foods I’d normally avoid such as sugary drinks and pastries. I struggled with it until the end but I actually needed the calories since there was not much for me to eat. Here is a bottle of Calpis Water (my favorite un-carbonated soft-drink) and a chocolate bun. I actually split this with my roommate Kayla and to be honest it wasn’t that good!

I keep waking up feeling like I haven’t gotten enough sleep even though I go to bed earlier and earlier. Isn’t waking up early supposed to get easier not harder? It’s really bugging me.

20120524-NOW 001

For breakfast I had a simple bowl of blueberry oats with a glob of TJ’s Lemon Curd mixed in. Blueberry lemon perfection. I love this stuff!

Then I walked the 1.5 miles to work where I was surprised to find that my co-worker, who was supposed to have opened at 5:30am, hadn’t shown up! Nothing was ready and customers were there and mad. –_- Apparently she’d had a schedule mix up. She arrives shortly after me. Luckily, I think we pulled it all together quite well though it felt like we were playing catch up for hours.


When relief showed up I quickly asked for my break. I was hungry and my tummy was growling! I really wanted to use my free drink postcard (Yay Starbucks Gold Rewards!) and get a fancy coffee drink but sticking to my tea vow I had a green tea (I brought from home) with a splash of half and half along with this strawberry cereal bar. They went surprisingly well together!

Chase surprised me by picking me up when I got off at 11am and we headed home for lunch.


Safeway onion bagel with TJ’s Light Whipped Cream Cheese (I purchased this a week or so ago and haven’t been using it…I don’t find myself craving bagels anymore! What else do you use cream cheese for?) and a massaged kale salad topped with fresh strawberry and golden raisins. To be honest, I loved the salad but only dutifully ate the bagel. I should have just tossed it but I hate to waste. It just…wasn’t worth eating?

Afterwards I really needed something sweet so I went with a chocolate chip granola bar and a lot of water. I’d had a headache since 7am.


It wouldn’t go away either, so I tried giving it a bit more caffeine in the form of an earl grey tea with a splash of half and half and enjoyed it on my bus ride to class.

Speaking of class, it is finally wrapping up! I don’t have school Monday or Tuseday, last exam on Wednesday, and last lab on Thursday of next week. And then the following week: presentations on Monday and quick end of lab stuff on Tuesday. Then it’s summer! I’m not going to lie, it’s been rough. Not due to the class being tough but just due to me being stressed with having no time to just relax.


When I got home I decided to get right to work on getting my part of my groups presentation done. While I put together the PowerPoint I snacked on organic strawberries and dark chocolate chips.

Around 4pm I hit the gym for 45 minutes on the Hill stationary bike. Nice and sweaty. ^_^ I’m pretty excited that our complexes pool opens this weekend! It’s pretty tiny but I could probably do some treading water workouts at least.

20120524-NOW 004

For dinner, I had a Dr. Praeger California Burger with red onions and salsa along with a big salad of mixed greens, TJ’s Champagne Pear Vinaigrette with Gorgonzola dressing, shredded low-fat mozzarella, and golden raisins. I am loving the salads.

20120524-NOW 005

Dessert was my very last English muffin toasted and slathered with Biscoff Crunchy spread. So freaking good. With a glass of skim milk to wash it down of course.

So my big question for all of you is: What the hell do I do with the rest of this cream cheese!?


3 thoughts on “What to do with Cream Cheese…

  1. Well… it can be used as a frosting in carrot cake, or maybe you could make carrot cake oats for breakfast and top them with the cream cheese! Haha can you tell I’m craving carrot cake? 😉

  2. Scramble eggs w cream cheese…yummy! Celery stuffed w cream cheese; toast,cream cheese & orange marmalade or any other jam

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