Japan 2010 010

At Yamadera there was beautiful stonework everywhere. Hell there was beautiful everything! One thing that can’t be and will never be ruined for me about my experience in Japan is how beautiful it was. Breath taking is the words I’m looking for.

I love Wednesday mornings since it’s the only day (pretty much) that I don’t have to wake up at ungodly hours. I slept in until 8:30am! Then, since I did end up eating dinner late last night and I wanted to really try to only eat when hungry today, I waited to eat breakfast until after 9!
20120523-NOW 001

It was really delicious. I made 1/3 cup Oats with 1 Tbsp Brown Rice Cereal and 1 tsp ground flax and mixed in some unsweetened applesauce, a 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar, and cinnamon. I then topped it with almond butter, toasted walnuts, and a few golden raisins. Holy yum.

I then spent the morning catching up on microbiology reading which of course was soo boring I ended up taking a 30 minute nap.

My body just felt off today.

20120523-NOW 002

Continually listening to it I decided to pack up my lunch and eat it whenever I got hungry be it in class or at work. Massaged kale salad topped with strawberries and toasted walnuts plus a banana and peanut butter. The little black topped vial held my two MultiVites which I have been taking every day since I bought them. I ended up munching on this during the very last lecture(!!) though it wasn’t due to hunger but to stop the shaking. I don’t know where my appetite went.


Again at work around 5pm I ate this Larabar because I felt funny and not because I felt hungry.  =/

20120523-NOW 003

When I got home around 7:30 pm I ate dinner because I should. The very last slice of delicious kale and leek lasagna and some frozen veggies tossed in Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash Sauce.

After dinner Chase and I hit the gym and I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill, taking it a little easy due to the somewhat weak feeling I felt and the throbbing in my knee.

20120523-NOW 004

After working out however, I suddenly craved protein! I shared this pack of Almond Crunch Pocky with Chase and then ate a serving of trail mix too.

I’m glad I listened to my body today because I feel like I haven’t been lately and eating a lot of the time because I should not because my body needs it. I’d like to keep working on that.

Oh. P.S. though they apparently went unpictured I enjoyed two cups of tea throughout this cold and rainy day. I’m trying to go another week without coffee and so far it’s been going well. ❤


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