On the Rocks


Oe and Exploring 005

It’s very interesting that in Japan heavier boys aren’t ridiculed for being heavy. Instead they are prized for being better sumo wrestlers than the smaller boys. Now, I don’t know if this continues on throughout their school years, but at least they avoid the bullying in their early ones. Sadly I don’t think I can say the same about the girls but to be honest I didn’t see any heavy ones.

20120518-NOW 001

I got to sleep in until 7:30am this morning and man did it feel good! Funny enough I woke up with a start because in my dream it was 11:30am and I didn’t want to sleep my only day off away.

Since I ate so much yesterday (for reasons I think having to be due to with my time of the month coming), I wasn’t exactly starving for breakfast. However, I made it anyway since I know it’s best to eat within 30 minutes of waking to get your metabolism going.

I had brown rice cereal with ground flax and topped with nonfat cottage cheese, lemon curd, and dried cherries.

This brown rice cereal isn’t my favorite due to it being almost too creamy. I’m thinking I may just throw a tablespoon in with oats to mess around with textures.

And then I played Diablo II all morning long. Hey, it’s my one day off the entire week! I deserve a little R&R right? I pushed my workout to Sunday….>.>

20120518-NOW 002

Oddly enough I found myself super super hungry at only 11am. Like, famished. I listened to my body and went ahead and made lunch. I’ve been really craving fish lately so I fried up a Costco Salmon burger, sautéed some asparagus, and reheated the last of the white rice. Tasty and filling lunch.

More Diablo III…

20120518-NOW 003

And then because my sweet tooth had a hankering, I toasted up an English muffin and slathered it in Crunchy Biscoff Spread. Gah. This is way too good. I seriously am not buying more. All washed down with a glass of ice cold skim milk.

Around 2pm I got dressed and jumped on the bus to Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood where I was meeting my friend Del and her friend Molly. Del is visiting from San Francisco and we had a shopping date! We hit up Nordstrom Rack and DSW and I was very good and only bought two things, both of which I really needed. A black cardigan and a pair of cute flats for skirts and shorts. 


At 7pm we were shopped out and very ready for dinner and since location was an issue (I needed to get back home since I work in the morning so downtown Seattle was out), we ended up at the good ‘ol Red Robin.

Today I tried a Bonsai burger, wrapped in lettuce, no mayo, and sweet potato fries. ^_^ I ate every bite. I’ve noticed that it’s really the subtraction of that huge bun that gives me room to finish the whole thing. Any time there is a bun I can only eat half!


Delly was determined to get a happy hour $3.50 Gold Margarita so when 8pm hit we ordered a round! Mmmm these seriously are the best margaritas I’ve had. Note to self: I prefer my margarita on the rocks!

Anywho I am safely home now feeling like an old lady since they are off for a night on the town. It was so fun having some girl time and getting to know Molly (who lives in Seattle so could be a possible friend!). I’m drinking my cup of tea and going to play some more Diablo III. ^_^

Have a good night!

On the rocks or blended?


2 thoughts on “On the Rocks

  1. On the rocks! Except when I was like 22 I got sooo drunk off of nasty cuervo and now hate Tequila.. If I drink I only do Vodka. It’s funny how after 11 years I still cant stand the taste!
    looks like you enjoyed your day off 🙂 happy Saturday Robyn!

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