Petite Goodies


Japan 2010 006

Of course I found a ton of cute Hello Kitty things in Japan. This little baggie holds my Nintendo DS Lite that is also wrapped in an adorable Hello Kitty Case! Sadly, the DS Lite is old school now and they have much newer handheld gaming systems. However, I refuse to trade up because then my case won’t fit! My DS must look as cute as possible.

20120517-NOW 002

This morning my mind did not want to wake up. Luckily, I am one of those people who can function at the moment their alarm sounds to get their butt out of bed and under hot running water. I felt like a zombie. I hardly even remember eating this breakfast!

Pre-made peach oats topped with a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, nut topping, and golden raisins. It was hot and wholesome and always a great start to a long day.


The entire 20 minute (down from the original 25. I am getting faster!) walk I kept checking my cellphone clock. It was way too bright out! I thought I must have overslept or something. Check out this sunrise! Of course, I wasn’t late. We’re just getting ready for summer. ^_^ Loved it. I had so much  more energy walking in the light than in the pitch dark.


We had a lot of pastries that “expired” today so before I tossed them in the garbage I grabbed a little nibble of each since I’d never tried any of them. I gotta know what’s good so I can recommend them to customers right?! Anyway I’ve got to say that the Brown Sugar Walnut Tart is my new favorite thing. Seriously. My next treat day I am buying one to enjoy the whole thing.

The Chocolate Hazelnut Tart was only so so but that’s probably due to the fact that I don’t like chocolate in my pastries. If you love chocolate, I’m sure you’ll love this.

The cherry pie I only got a nib of the crust so I don’t think I am qualified to judge it. Pie is all about the filling right? =P I may just have to buy one one of these days to get the full effect!

What I love about these petites is that they are all under 200 calories. Of course my favorite one has 12g of fat but hey! There are nuts in these so of course they are high in fat, and that’s some good fat for you!


Really fighting the urge to buy a pastry, I stuck with my healthier snack of banana and peanut butter for my break. I then caved and bought a tall iced coffee (no sweetener/ with room). I’m really trying to cut down on the calories in my drinks. Instead of Classic syrup I mixed in a Sweet N Low and added a splash of half and half. I tired nonfat milk at first but it just didn’t add enough taste!

Once I got back in the door of my apartment I headed out to the gym to get my workout in. Today I did only a 30 minute stationary hill bike since I did 45 minutes yesterday (when I normally just do a 30 minute run) and to be honest I was just too damn hot, tired, and hungry to go another 15 minutes. >.<

20120517-NOW 003

Trying to finish up some things in the fridge (sadly I had to throw away about a whole giant cucumber) I made a lunch of edamame hummus with corn chips and fresh cucumbers as dippers. Since I knew this wasn’t going to fill me up for long and I wanted something hot I also had a bowl of white rice with soy sauce. Can you tell we’re headed towards the end of the month?

20120517-NOW 004

After class I had one thing on my mind: candy. I seriously just wanted bad for you sweets! I grabbed one of these wafer bars Chase brought me home and had 3 pieces of this delicious Cookies & Cream bar from World Market. I normally try to stay away from white chocolate but Chase wanted to try this one. ^^ I gave the rest to him.

20120517-NOW 005

Now it being my Friday night I really really wanted to get in some video game playing (Diablo III!). However, Ophelia had other plans. She wouldn’t leave me alone and talked and bugged me non-stop. Giving into her precious face, I took her and Vincent out on the patio for a little bit of fresh air. Eventually Ophie wanted to come back in but she didn’t want me on the computer…again she pestered me to no end.

And then an idea hit. I grabbed her scratching post and planted it right next to my computer chair. Yep. All she wanted was to sit by me. ^_^ She hasn’t’ made a peep since and I’ve been happily slaying demons and saving the world from darkness.

20120517-NOW 006

I made two lasagnas for dinner tonight. Okay..I made one Creamy Kale and Leek Lasagna and threw a Safeway Meat Lasagna in the oven for Chase! Since I didn’t have the right size pan my lasagna turned out pretty thin and low on flavor. Whoops. I ended up eating two pieces with a glass of chardonnay.

Well here’s to a great day off tomorrow! Hope you all have a great Friday!

Have you tried Starbucks petites? What are your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Petite Goodies

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  3. Sorry for just responding to your petites question.. I have tried all but the Cherry pie and Apple pie. I have to say I;m not a huge fan of either tarts. I do however LOVE the dark chocolate Raspberry cake pop! Yummo 🙂

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