Shower-less Demon Slayer


Japan 2010 002

One reason I could absolutely never live in Japan is that they don’t have real peanut butter! I tried the closet thing to it, Peanut Cream, and it was sooo funky. It spread like a gel. >.> I had my father send me a few jars so I could survive. ❤ Peanut Butter.

I woke up to something terrible this morning. At 4am I shuffled into the bathroom for a hot shower that always wakes me up and gets me going. I flipped on the light switch…nothing happened. My clouded mind went “Wha….” and kept playing with the switch. Then it hit me: the power was out! That’s right. Our whole mini neighborhood had no power and thus no hot water. I was not a happy camper!20120515-NOW 004

But I was a hungry one. Sadly, I couldn’t stick to my hot cereal challenge since I had no stove and no microwave. I couldn’t even toast my English muffin! =( So I scarfed down a dry one slathered with almond butter and orange marmalade, chugged a glass of skim milk, and devoured a banana with the last of my favorite Archer Farms Crunchy Peanut Butter. All in the dark! I ended up having to light some candles to do my makeup…

And then I went to work with no shower!! T.T


On my break, I slurped a tall iced coffee (1.5p Classic) with half and half and nutmeg and ate my last Apple Pie Larabar.

When I arrived home very sweaty and gross, I went with it and jumped on the stationary bike for 45 minutes. It felt good to get in some intense cardio.

20120515-NOW 005

For lunch I heated up the fajita leftovers and enjoyed them with some salsa and chips. I only ate about 1/2 the leftovers since they were pretty tasteless…but I went to town on the chips. >.> They weren’t even that good!

I decided to skip my lab today because I was so tired and really needed to just rest.

20120515-NOW 001

Plus the video game I’ve been waiting for for years released today. ^_^ So I was home to receive it and get it installing (took hours and hours) on my computer.


Diablo III!

20120515-NOW 002

Later in the afternoon I snacked on a toasted(!) English muffin with crunchy Biscoff and a glass of skim milk. God Biscoff is sooo good on a warm muffin. It just melts. I also ended up snacking on some chips with edamame hummus as I struggled with the installation on my computer. It was total emotional eating and I’m not proud of it. I need to work on handling my frustration in other ways.

20120515-NOW 003

Due to this snacking (and the excitement of finally getting to play D3 when Chase got home) we didn’t realize we hadn’t eaten dinner until after 8pm! We quickly heated up food and ate so we could get back to playing. More gnocchi! One more serving left and I am going to be sad when this is gone.

20120423-NOW 007

For dessert I ended up eating the full two of Jo’s Salted Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels. They are sooo freaking good. Sadly, I wanted them to last longer. >.<

I hope you all had a great day and had a better morning than I did!

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