An Evening In the Sun


Japan 2010 045

In Japan they have all sorts of kinds of treats. On top of that, they like to incorporate those treats into other treats. For example, coffee jelly is exactly like it sounds. Pretty much coffee Jell-o. Here is a chocolate filled with coffee jelly! It was really interesting but overall not that memorable. I really enjoyed trying out all these random flavors and textures in Japan.

I apologize that this post is so late but I had such a full day yesterday! Much to share:

20120514-NOW 001

It all started off bright and early for my opening Starbucks shift. I was super tired due to only getting 4 hours (or less) sleep the night before due to our loud guests coming home from their concerts. >.< I know they weren’t intentionally loud but it woke me all the same.

I had peach oats on the floor topped with cottage cheese, maple syrup, and golden raisins.


At work I was so tired I ended up drinking two tall iced coffees with half and half. If I’m gonna make this a habit I’m going to start getting less sweetener in them! I also ate my TJ’s Strawberry cereal bar on my break even though I wasn’t quite hungry.

20120514-NOW 002

Once home, I found out that Kurt had left his leftovers from Red Robin! When your guest leaves a perfectly good Guacamole veggie burger with fries you eat it right? I did! It was easy to cut off the bitten part. I also had some fresh cucumber for more veg.

20120514-NOW 003

And then since my sweet tooth wanted it I had a Granny Smith with Crunchy Biscoff. This stuff is dangerously good! I can’t buy it again!

Then I had class and the big adventure of my day: a evening in Seattle! My co-workers and I all took the bus from Kenmore to downtown Seattle for a little enjoyment in the sun! We hit the 80s yesterday!


Our first stop was Post Alley where apparently the put chewed gum all over. Leila, Me, Ryan, and Siobhan.


It’s really an interesting idea but kind of gross right!? I really wonder how it came about.


From there we browsed through Pike Place Market but sadly, since it’s not quiet summer yet, the shops and stands were all closing! =( We made it there a bit after 5pm. Ryan and I really enjoyed the flowers and if we’d driven we’d have brought some home. (P.s. I now acknowledge that I really need a haircut…)


For dinner we ended up at The Old Spaghetti Factory! This place is huge and very dim inside but kind of a fun place for a big group. I was surprised by how small their menu was and there wasn’t many options I’d like to try, but I still really enjoyed it.


We enjoyed some delicous hot sourdough bread with garlic butter…


..and I ate the majority of this BLT(minus the B!) Salad. Chopped hearts of romaine with blue cheese dressing on the side, croutons, diced Roma tomatoes, avocados and garnished with blue cheese crumbles. It was a very simple salad but I’m so glad I got it instead of a heavy pasta dish. I left feeling good. =)


Plus I had room for their perfect dessert that comes with every entrée: a scoop of Spumoni ice cream! My favorite!!


On the way back to the bus we stopped to take pictures with these blue trees that are trying to draw attention to the deforestation problem the world has. They were really beautiful!

It was such a fun outing, I really hope we can do it again this summer. It’s hard since we all work at the same Safeway Starbucks, someone has to be left out to man the kiosk!

Anyway I hope all this adventure made this post worth being late. ~.^ I didn’t work out yesterday because all the walking left my feet sore and ready for bed when I got home. I’ll be back tonight with more photos!


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