Head Meets Door


Japan 2010 071

Kayla and I had a blast by ourselves for a week in Toyko. We loved being able to be tourists which was denied to us in Yamagata. We took it to heart and even went to Tokyo DisneySea. Since it was just us we ended up taking a lot of pictures just like this with different backgrounds. ^_^

20120509-NOW 001

I wish I could say I slept all through the night last night since I got to bed at a reasonable time (before 10pm!), but my upstairs neighbor’s dog, Pickles, decided to bark all night long. I awoke to his howling at 1:30am. –_- I was not a happy camper! 4am came way too early.

Breakfast was, again, strawberry brown rice cereal, only this time topped with almond butter, agave drizzle, toasted almonds, and golden raisins. I really wanted something to sweeten it up since the strawberries tend to make it a little bitter and the agave worked nicely.

I booked it to work impressively fast. I feel so much faster walking now without my legs and butt screaming out in pain! It was a very nice morning shift with a great partner. Before I knew it was time for my break.


We’d had a customer who purchased one of these Cheddar Jalapeno bagels from the bakery that wouldn’t stop raving about them. Apparently they are the best bagels she’s ever eaten. So..she got us thinking about this bagel so much both me and my co-worker, Ryan, had to eat one.

I ate the whole thing. >.< It wasn’t the best bagel I’ve ever had and now that I’ve tried it, it no longer has any pull over me. I wish I’d stuck to my healthy snack I’d brought but I can’t perfect all the time!


After work I did some last minute microbiology studying while sipping on some Pike Place with half and half and classic syrup. To be honest, I didn’t even drink half before dumping it. Drip coffee was just not what my tummy wanted today.

20120509-NOW 002

Since my bagel splurge, I wanted to keep lunch light and healthy but the blueberry and spinach smoothie I made was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. I dumped it down the sink right away. Then I fell back on leftovers: little bit of spinach topped with panzanella salad. I’m so sick of this stuff! The mushy bread makes me want to gag but I can’t bring myself to throw it away. It was my stupid fault for not thinking about how it would get soggy. I think  I may try to pick out the bread and dry it in the oven…

20120509-NOW 003

Very unsatisfied and pretty darn chilly I made myself a toasted English muffin with crunchy peanut butter and orange marmalade. ❤ Plus a glass of skim milk to wash it all down. This was exactly what I’d needed. It stopped me from snacking until dinner!

My test went fine and I was the first one done (as always). I test really fast because I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. I don’t bum around. I answer what I know and logically guess what I don’t. Boom. Done!

Now while I was heading out the side door of the school, I saw my bus pulled up on the curve. Staring at it I didn’t watch where I was going and used way too much force on the normally heavy door. It hit it’s stopper and went right back into the side of my head as I turned into it. The world seriously turned sideways. I saw stars. >.< I almost knocked myself out! Luckily I was able to pull myself together and get to my bus.


Once home and trying to give my head some rest in bed, Vinni gave me this face the entire time. “Mom….you ran into a door.” Sigh. I ended up finishing the 3rd Harry Potter book and taking a little nap until Chase got home from work.

20120509-NOW 008

Dinner was heated up gnocchi! I love this dish. It’s so hearty and filling.

Next Chase and I stuck to our guns and went to the gym to run. Sadly, somebody broke my treadmill!! You can speed it up but not slow it down =/ so interval training was out. Instead I just ran on it nonstop at 5.5. I didn’t want to be too fast I couldn’t last the full 30 minutes so I kept it on the low side. I hope they get this machine fixed! I was really loving intervals.

20120509-NOW 009

When we got back home in the rain, I really wanted some hot chocolate. Starbucks hot chocolate to be exact. ~.^ That stuff smells soo good! But instead I made do with heating up a cup of milk in the microwave and mixing in a packet of sugar-free  hot cocoa mix. Mm. It did the trick. And hey, first chocolate of the day! Take that, demon!

20120509-NOW 005

It was a pretty chilly day today and Ophie was extra cold. Princesses aren’t made for harsh environments, ya know. She made camp in my down jacket and told us we were crazy for ever going outside. She’s such a baby!

I hope you all had a great Wednesday. I’m excited for tomorrow to be over with so I can have my first day off in two weeks!! I have so many plans for Friday I don’t think I’ll be able to fit them all in.

Please tell me…have you ever gotten taken out by a door?


One thought on “Head Meets Door

  1. Ouch & double ouch…So sorry that door won. I don’t like open cupboard doors, not one bit. And car doors can hurt me,too. There are booby traps all over the place. Hope you are feeling better, Robyn, & I hope that little dog let you sleep.

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