Eating to Stay Awake


Japan 2010 041

While in Japan I could only cook very simple foods. A lot of the time my meals consisted of sautéed vegetables on top of white rice. I got to try fresh okra for the first time and I loved it!

20120507-NOW 002

Not going to lie. I didn’t get to bed early enough last night and paid for it today. That’s how easy this breakfast is to throw together. Dead tired zombie me could do it! Reheated strawberry brown rice hot cereal topped with a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, nut topping (like for sundaes) and dried cherries. It was heaven. I’m really enjoying the texture of the brown rice cereal too!

It fueled me through my 1.5 mile walk to work plus the five hours I had until my 15 minute break! I never felt hungry.


I was smart today and brought a healthy and substantial snack of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar. I got a few of these in the Safeway clearance section for 50% off due to them being slightly expired. Tasted good to me! I’ve been craving chocolate lately… While I ate I looked at the upcoming events in my life with longing. Plus I planned my work schedule for when I’m not in school. I’m going to try and make it so I actually have a real weekend!

20120507-NOW 003

Once I got home I did really well at not snacking for at least an hour. Instead I studied micro in the sun on my patio. ^_^ But by 11 am I was feeling a bit peckish. I had a smart snack of a hard boiled egg and realized that I actually wasn’t hungry at all, I was just eating to keep myself awake. Deciding that was stupid I crawled into bed for an hour of rest and relaxation.

20120507-NOW 004
And before I knew it was lunch time! I think I’m going to keep my mini nap in my day if I can. For lunch I steamed some spinach and put panzanella salad on top of it. This salad was really great the very first time I had it but as the croutons have gotten soggy now it’s kind of…unpleasant. Great flavors, terrible texture! I managed to scarf it down so I could eat my banana and peanut butter for dessert.

20120507-NOW 005

Followed by a glass of skim milk with Nesquick. Again, I’m telling you chocolate has been on my mind! I blame all the mocha syrup I pump into cups day after day. It smells good! (Though for the record I hate the taste of Starbucks mocha sauce.)

Class was super quick and I was out the door catching the super early bus. I had things to do! I headed to the post office and sent off Chase and I’s Mother’s Day gifts (Mom: Don’t open it until Sunday!), picked up a few items at Trader Joe’s, and signed up for a gym! Yes the last task was totally unexpected.

L.A. Fitness is building a new gym right near my apartment and they offered me a great deal to sign up now before it’s finished. I don’t pay anything until it’s open, and then I have an entire week to decided if it’s right for me. There will be a pool(!) and kickboxing classes(!!) so I am really really excited about it. The two activities I’ve been really missing. Now I just have to wait until September…


Once I got back home, I snacked on these Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Mints. Just a handful, but I was hoping they’d stop me from snacking and wake me up with the mint.

20120507-NOW 006

Nope. I kept snacking to stay awake. –_- The very last little bowl of Pirate’s Booty was eaten.

20120507-NOW 008

Finally, Chase was home for dinner! He wanted Breakfast for Dinner and I was totally onboard. I made pancakes with caramelized bananas and maple syrup while he threw together some scrambled eggs with cheese plus a side of steamed asparagus as the veggie of course. It was excellent! (Yes that is a star shaped pancake! I bought this Japanese pancake mold at the Daiso in Alderwood. Unfortunately it wasn’t really working tonight so I made only one._

Once I ate dinner I felt…reawakened. Chase and I laced up our shoes and hit the gym for a 30 minutes interval treadmill workout at 0% incline. My legs and butt are still hurting from Saturday! I hope this workout helped loosen them up because I’m tired of walking like an old lady.

Clearly I’m having some snacking issues and I know I need to take steps to fix them. First off, I am allowing myself a nap when I get home from work. It’s better than mindlessly eating. Secondly, I’m drinking more coffee so I don’t feel so worn out by the end of the day. Thirdly, I’m going to bed!


What do you do to wake yourself up?


3 thoughts on “Eating to Stay Awake

  1. Seriously, I work out right when I first wake up, and if I feel tired around mid afternoon I take a walk…Oh and the 3 cups of Pike I have everyday has nothing to do with it 😉

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