This time last year I wrote a series of posts that reflected on my life changing 3 month Japan internship. It really did a lot of good for me emotionally (I stopped having nightmares!) and really helped me come to terms with what an important experience this was. I don’t feel like I have more I want to say about it but in honor of it being two years since I took that fateful flight oversees I am going to have a Japanese Internship Photo (JIP) every day until September. There are a heck of a lot of photos I’ve never showed anyone! They will be completely random; I seriously just closed my eyes and clicked. So here we go!


Japan 2010 051

My roommate Kayla in her yukata at Obon, proudly displaying her festival fare of yakisoba! (Note awesome Hello Kitty balloon.)

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I know I will and please feel free to re-read (or read for the first time!) my posts from last year. I really enjoy reliving them.

Japan Internship- A Year Later

And now on to the food!

20120506-NOW 002

It was another super early morning for me. I’m really glad I have bowls of oats prepared ahead of time so all I have to do is reheat in the microwave and add my toppings. Today I went with half a Granny Smith apple and a spoonful of Cookie Butter. To be honest, it was missing some textural elements but I was in too much of a hurry to tweak it.

I love working Sunday mornings. Everyone just seems to be in a better, more laid-back mood. Plus, I felt really awake today! Turns out going to bed at 9pm is good for me.


By 9:30am, I was starving! I keep forgetting to bring myself a damn snack and it’s costing me money and nutrition! I ended up buying a Safeway New York Style bagel and some light cream cheese. I ate half and was very unimpressed with it.


I also enjoyed a cup of coffee today. Most of a hot one and just a few sips of this iced. It was too sweet. >.<

My workout today was just the 3 mile walk to and from work. Wanna know why? Because that butt workout that I said “I found lacking” yesterday really kicked my butt today! I was soo sore even walking was rough. Just goes to show that you don’t have to kill yourself in order to feel results.


Did I mention it was a gorgeous day today? So nice out that I finally got to really enjoy my patio set! Dining al fresco was such a treat and feeling the sun beams on my skin was heavenly. I had the other half of my bagel slathered in Edamame hummus and topped with fresh cucumbers, a little bit of panzanella salad, and the other half of my apple for lunch.

20120506-NOW 012

These little monsters got to enjoy the sun too! (It is so hard to get them to both look at the camera. –_-)


Ophelia played “queen” and sat on her throne (read: her cat bad turned upside down). She smiled at the world, bathed herself, waved, and then fell over and got herself completely dirty. What a bum.

20120506-NOW 009

Vinnie spent his time enjoying nature. He kept trying to catch bugs. Sadly, he was very bad at staying on the patio and ended up being put inside. He also tried to bolt to the neighbors which was not ok! He’s in big trouble!

20120506-NOW 013

After lunch, I studied for my microbiology exam coming up this Wednesday. Going over metabolism is a lot of hard work and it got me famished! I snacked on a Strawberry Cereal bar with a glass of milk..

20120506-NOW 014

And eventually a hard-boiled egg. I really wanted to eat the whole house!

20120506-NOW 015

I had dinner hot and ready when Chase walked in the door from work. Leftover pizza and sautéed asparagus to make sure it filled me up. Plus another glass of chardonnay. ^_^ Hey, it is Sunday after all!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I am looking forward to my day off this Friday! =D


One thought on “Sunning

  1. Hi Robyn, Cute photos of the furrie ones. Don’ forget to look @ the Super Moon. And very funny @ kickin butt!!

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