Need. Sleep.

I think I’m too the point that each night I don’t get enough sleep it just adds up and is making me feel more and more tired. Plus it’s effecting my health. =/ I woke up today with another headache that just wouldn’t go away.

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I tried to appease it with a warm, freshly made breakfast of strawberry oatmeal with chia seeds, cottage cheese, almond butter, almond slivers, and dried cherries. To be honest, this bowl was almost too much for me since I used 1/2 cup oats instead of my normal 1/3, but I managed to eat it all!

20120505-NOW 003

Ophie and Vinni strangely enough thought the cottage cheese in it made it too delicious to ignore. They never wait around like this while I eat unless it’s yogurt or cereal! (ignore the ground clutter…) They were pretty bummed when I didn’t give them the bowl.

20120505-NOW 004

For my strength training day I decided to try out the Daily Butt Workout app. It’s only 10 minutes long with 10 different exercises. I enjoyed the Ab and Arm version of this app but this one I found lacking. There was only about 3 exercises I felt really worked my butt. Still, in the end I was all sweaty so it must have done some good!

20120505-NOW 006

Today our office was extremely slow due to having a new substitute doctor. It was a loonngg day and we hardly made any sales. >.< When noon rolled around though I was ready for lunch. Probably because I had the delicious leftovers from Pen Thai on top of spinach (which steamed in the microwave). It was just as tasty and I actually really liked the addition of the greens. For my “dessert” I ate my banana and PB followed by my two MultiVites. These babies have vitamins A, D, and E in them which are fat-soluble, so to make sure I absorb them I’m eating them with my lunches.

I got off work an hour early since it was so slow and decided that waiting for the bus was for sissies! I’ll do that when I’m not feeling well or the weather’s really gross out. So I walked the two miles home. ^_^

20120505-NOW 007

At home I really needed a pick me up because I was ready for bed. Luckily I found these Cappuccino Lucky Sticks (very much like Pocky) at the Daiso Japan store in Alderwood Mall yesterday. I ate the whole box with a cup of coffee with cream. Mmm they were tasty! They made me miss the random snack foods I’d find in Japan two years ago! (Wow. It’s been another year already!)

20120505-NOW 009

I’d planned on eating more panzanella salad for dinner but Chase and I discussed it and we both really wanted a hot meal. Enter quick and easy $3 pizzas! (Yeah we’d bought some more Safeway brand frozen pizzas on grocery day!) I sautéed some fresh asparagus and and steamed some frozen veggies for my topping to make this pizza a little healthier. Plus I made a spinach salad with cucumbers and Caesar dressing.

Sadly, I think my Caesar dressing has finally gone bad because this salad tasted f-u-n-k-y. I ended up picking out the cucumbers to eat and tossing the rest.

I loved my pizza though. In fact, it being so delicious and warm and me being so hungry, I ended up eating five slices. I know I should feel bad about this but honestly I don’t feel stuffed! I had the room! >.< I just remind myself that at least I didn’t eat the whole thing which is what I used to do when I was left alone watching T.G.I.F while growing up. In the future though I know I need to show more restraint.

Tomorrow is another day. We can’t be ruined by one meal.

Anyway I am so worn out I’m going to go climb into bed right now. I can’t wait until this coming Friday when I get my first day off in two weeks!


2 thoughts on “Need. Sleep.

  1. Robyn, that pizza looks ridicules!!! It’s amazing what veggies do yummy.. I still think pizza should be it’s own food group 🙂 deliciousness!! And I might add those slices were small totally justifiable for 5 peices.

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