Daisy, Daisy

So I thought getting to sleep in until 5am today would make a big difference. Turns out it didn’t! I am soo tired.

20120504-NOW 002

Breakfast was reheated oatmeal topped with a scoop of Cookie Butter, butterscotch chips, and dried cherries.Turns out I’m not a big butterscotch fan and I noticed that these chips have partially hydrogenated oils in them. >.< I should have read the bag instead of looking at the sale sign. Noob mistake! Still, it filled me up.

I then booked it to work, 1.5 miles, for my longest shift ever: 6:30am-2:30am. This morning we were slammed! Seriously, nonstop coffee orders plus we were learning our new espresso machine on top of that. I didn’t get any break until 10am and boy was my blood sugar and mood low.


I decided to participate in Cookie Friday and bought two Safeway Rainbow Chip cookies (because they don’t sell them in 1’s!) and a thing of milk (sadly 2%, there was no small nonfat!). I devoured one on my 15 minute break and felt 100x better.

Lunch wasn’t until 1pm in which I chowed down on my packed lunch of panzanella salad on top of fresh spinach. For dessert I ate my two MultiVites…then  the other cookie and the rest of the milk from earlier. I was so hungry!

Finally, I was allowed to go home! Yay!!! Just in time to avoid Frappuccino Happy Hour. ~.^ Speaking of Frappe’s I told you guys I would get you the nutritional info on the new Mocha Cookie Crumble Light:

  • Tall – 220 Calories
  • Grande – 320 Calories
    • add 100 Calories if you want amazing chocolate whip cream


I celebrated my freedom and completion from the longest day ever and snagged this lovely bouquet of daisies for only $5! Aren’t they gorgeous? I think they look wonderful with my patio set. ^_^

20120504-NOW 008

I just seem to have the plant bug right now! I wanna make things grow and watch them in their beautiful bloom. Speaking of, check out how my seeds are doing! They have all had at least a little sprouting action in just a week. I’m so proud. ^_^ I’ve been keeping them in the windowsill by my computer for the sunlight.

Chase and I headed out to the Alderwood Mall shortly after I walked home because we had very important things to get: Mother’s Day presents! It was fun to browse a new mall and we both left with the perfect gifts.


We also both left starving so…against our better budget-judgment, we hit up our favorite Thai place. We went to Pen Thai when we came up here to find an apartment in January and the deliciousness has stayed in our minds ever since.

I stuck with my favorite, Phad See Lew and just managed to stop eating enough to have a little for lunch tomorrow. I really love this dish. The sauce is out of this world, the noodles have a surprisingly delicious texture (and I normally hate all Asian noodles), and the tofu is firm and tasty! This is definitely one of our go-to restaurants.

Chase and I had planned to run today but my feet still hurt from being on them all morning long and I am just dead tired. I know I sound like a wimp but I am giving myself the week off from running. Next week however, I intend to start back up in full swing hit the ground running! ~.^

Bouquets or potted plants?

I really have the urge to buy a nice potted flower next! That way I can have beauty all summer long. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy

  1. For sure potted plants….but I have to say theres something about a bouquet, instant gratification? Your flowers are beautiful!
    Hope you have a sunny Saturday!!

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