Coming Down

I had the worst night of sleep last night. I awoke (again) at 1am when I found myself scratching the hell out of the bug bite on my ankle in my sleep. It itched so badly I went into the bathroom and punctured it with a needle to drain the fluids out. I then reapplied itch cream and tried to go back to sleep. Eventually I had to get up again and get an ice pack from the freezer to ease the reaction. It was not a good night of sleeping.

20120502-NOW 002

When I got up at 7am in the morning I didn’t feel much better. My head hurt, my body ached,  and my stomach felt off. I was definitely coming down with something. I tried to ignore it and made a hot bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Farina cereal with flax and banana. On top: more fresh banana, golden raisins, and a scoop of Cookie Butter. Mmm I love these golden raisins I picked up at TJ’s! Did you know they recommend you store your raisins in the fridge? I’d never heard of that before!


After eating, I went downhill from there. All the symptoms I woke up with worsened and I found myself calling to the powers of Earl Grey tea to make me feel better while I sipped it in bed. Perhaps it helped a little bit.


Or maybe it was the sleeping lions that stayed by my side all morning.

When I got out of the shower I found a new symptom had surfaced: shaking. Like really shaking!

20120502-NOW 003

I could hardly keep the cereal on my spoon while I tired to chow down on this thinking the shaking had to do with blood sugar levels. The very last of my Dark Chocolate and Red Berries Love Crunch mixed with Kashi 7 Puffs and skim milk. It did help with the shaking but I still felt awful.


About an hour later it was lunch time and my appetite kind of lacked. I knew I still should eat something with veggies though so I tried out this new TJ’s find, Edamame Hummus. Now I normally loath hummus because the chickpeas and my stomach don’t mesh. So when I saw this hummus made out of edamame instead I knew I had to try it. And oh my, it is sooo good.

I smeared it on a toasted English muffin, topped it with a slice of Colby cheese and fresh cucumbers, and sprinkled on a little pepper. This was delicious! I highly recommend it.

20120502-NOW 011

Vinni tried to convince me to take a sick day and stay home from school and work but I had to turn him down. =( Not until I’m unable to walk!

20120502-NOW 005

It’s Wednesday so I was at my reception job until 7pm. I munched on this Strawberry Cereal bar around 4pm though not because I was hungry but because I was hoping it’d make me feel better. I’m never really a big fan of these kind of bars because they are too sweet and this was one turned out the same.

20120502-NOW 012

At 8pm it was finally time for dinner even though I had no appetite. I made a bland and simple soup of vegetable stock mixed with frozen veggies and white rice.

20120502-NOW 013

Afterwards I really felt like something sweet and fresh and this Granny Smith with Cookie Butter was the perfect remedy.


Plus the last half of my Dark Chocolate filled with Cooke Butter bar. ~.^

I really wanted to get in my workout for the day but Chase convinced me that I aught to let my body rest so this “sickness” doesn’t come on in full force. I know he’s right but it still pains me to give up a day of sweat!

Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling fine but if not Chase has nicely said I could drive to work at 5am instead of walk. And yay, tomorrow is grocery day! Come on immune system, fight, fight, fight!

How do you determine you’re too sick to workout?


5 thoughts on “Coming Down

  1. Im crazy because I still workout. My hubs gets so mad at me because I momentarily feel better but end up paying for it :/ btw if you like fig newtons, you will dig TJ’s fig bars they are for sure sweet but go well with milk. They are my favorite.
    Hope you feel better……I am fighting a cold so I feel you 🙂

    • Yeah most of the time if it’s just my stomach I ignore it and generally feel better afterwards! The moment it starts to hurt in my head or I get faint though I have to call it off.

      I actually really hate fig newtons but I love figs! I think it’s the outer “cereal” shell that I don’t like which is why I’m not a huge fan of these strawberry ones! Thanks for the tip though!

      I hope you get better as well! I am doing better today (probably do to large amount of caffeine!)

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