Disconnected and Unhooked

Chase and I had such a relaxing time last night just spending time with each other. No computers, no workout, nor did I have the energy to blog. Completely disconnected from the world. We also fell asleep pretty darn early. We’re getting old!

20120430-NOW 001

Or maybe it had to do with waking up at 4am…I threw together this quick bowl of cereal: Apple Crumble Love Crunch mixed with Kashi 7 Grain Rice Puffs, ground flax, and craisins. Followed by 1.5 miles of walking in the rain.


I am still on the search for “my drink” at Starbucks. It needs to be cheap (cause I get a drink every time I work), delicious, and reasonably healthy. The brewed coffee didn’t wow me so I decided to try something I’ve never ever had before. Hell I didn’t even know what it was before starting at Starbucks!

An Americano is just shots of espresso mixed with hot water. Simple right? I got a short (meaning one shot) with a Sweet N Low mixed in. I added a splash of half and half on top too and enjoyed it alongside my Open Nature Cherry & Dark Chocolate granola bar.

Verdict? Meh. It was alright. I don’t think it’s my go to drink since it got cold before I had time to drink it. I need to stick with drinks that get free refills so I can just get a new one when I have time to drink.

20120430-NOW 003

It was sure windy on my walk home! When I got in the door though I was able to hold off eating lunch for a little bit. Still didn’t make it till noon but oh well. I heated up a portion of “bacon”, butternut squash, and polenta casserole with some canned corn. This casserole was really a miss with me. >.< Even drizzling it with maple syrup doesn’t really help anymore.

20120430-NOW 004

Still hungry and needing a sweet, I ended lunch with a toasted English muffin with Cookie butter and raspberry jam. With a glass of milk, of course. ^^ Damn was it good!

I really considered skipping class but found myself at my bus stop anyway. It was a boring lecture in which I did my best not to fall asleep but I could tell the professor noticed I was half there. Still, I was the only one to answer questions so I think I’m still on his good list.

20120430-NOW 006

Once I returned home again I knew I needed something to keep me going. Yay for small bowls of fat-free popcorn and diluted orange juice! It gave me just the energy I needed for…

20120430-NOW 024

..trying to prepare for my genetic transformation lab tomorrow! Except Ophie didn’t feel like it.

20120430-NOW 019

So I started taking pictures of her to get her to move. ^_^ Works every time. Isn’t she pretty?!

20120430-NOW 026

For dinner Chase instructed me to buy cheap but decent frozen pizzas at Safeway. I ended up getting a great deal on the Safeway brand, two for $7! They didn’t have any vegetable ones so I fixed that by buying a bag of frozen veggies, thawing a cup, and sprinkling it on my cheese pizza before baking! It turned out delicious and I was really impressed with the Safeway brand. Preferred over Domino’s any day!

Anyway I’m sorry this is a day late but last night was needed! I promise to be back tonight. ~.^

Do you ever take an evening to be completely unhooked from others/electronics?


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