Love Crunch Review

When I won this giveaway for Nature’s Path Love Crunch put on by Alive Magazine I was ecstatic. I’d only ever tried the Love Crunch Dark Chocolate and Red Berries once and had been looking for the three other new flavors ever since I heard about them back in January(?). Problem was I couldn’t find them anywhere!

20120417-NOW 002

When they arrived (very quickly after winning I might add), I couldn’t wait to get them out of the box.

20120417-NOW 003

The original Love Crunch, Dark Chocolate and Red Berries, plus the other flavors: Carrot Cake, Apple Crumble, and Aloha Blend. All for me. Surprised smile For the record I did offer to share with Chase, but he wasn’t interested! His loss.

So how were the flavors? Was this granola amazing? Here are my thoughts!

20120421-NOW 007

My favorite was, of course, the original Dark Chocolate and Red Berries. You just can’t beat dark chocolate chunks with a touch of strawberry and raspberries floating in a sea of creamy milk. The bag also reads that it has organic flax, coconut, and cocoa mixed in. Perfection!

This is the epitome of dessert for breakfast.

 20120421-NOW 005

My second favorite was actually a surprise to me. The Aloha Blend tastes like Hawaii in your mouth. The flavors of coconut, white chocolate, and pineapple blend so well together I felt like I was on vacation when eating it. In fact, I’d choose having a bowl of this heaven over a pina colada any day.

20120421-NOW 002

Next in line was the Carrot Cake Love Crunch. This was the one I was most excited to try. Raisins, pecans, yogurt chips, carrots, and pineapple blended in an oat mixture to taste like carrot cake. Did it? Meh…I haven’t had carrot cake in a long time so perhaps I’m wrong, but it didn’t scream carrot cake to me. It was still good but it didn’t touch the amazingness of the previously mentioned flavors. Funny enough though it was the first flavor I finished.

20120421-NOW 009-2

And coming in last (for me at least) was the Apple Crumble. This granola sported pecans, green apples, chia, and cinnamon and while yes it did taste like an apple dessert it wasn’t holy amazing good. I felt like I could have gotten the same taste by eating an Apple Cinnamon Chobani with some Kashi Golean Crunch for a heck of a lot less calories and fat.

20120426-NOW 004

Which reminds me, while Nature’s Path Love Crunch Premium Granolas are amazingly good, they are exceptionally high in calories and fat. They average 258 calories per 1/2 cup (a measly 55g) and 9g of fat (mostly saturated)! In the end, I had to measure out 55g plastic bags to stop myself from pouring 2-3 servings at a time.

This stuff rarely filled me up even with all those calories and fat. =(

20120425-NOW 002

I tried eating it as a yogurt topper so the protein in the Greek yogurt and the various other mix-in’s (PB, fruit, ect) would help keep me full and that worked but…

20120421-NOW 001

Nothing beats the amazing flavor it has on it’s own in a bowl of cold refreshing skim milk. Seriously. This granola only truly shines in it’s simplest milky form.

I hope you all enjoyed my review of the flavors and perhaps want to try some for yourself. My only advice is: portion these babies out and enjoy them with a low calorie plain cereal to amp up the volume.

What flavor would you like to try?


6 thoughts on “Love Crunch Review

  1. I am going to say The Aloha blend that sounds like delishisness! Thanks’ Robyn for your reviews I will go look for the Aloha and Carrot Cake Love Cruch. And I really did find your reviews helpful 🙂 Happy Saturday!

  2. I would like to try the Carrot Cake one, ’cause I’ve never had carrot cake. Although, the Aloha looks delicious too. I have the same thing with the crunchy cereals that you can buy here: I could eat them all day but they don’t fill you up and they are very high in calories. So, thanks for the advice to mix them with regular cereal. I’ll definitively try it. 🙂

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