Staying on Schedule

I feel like I’ve just been hungry and eating all day. >.< Starting my day at 4am really seems to throw off my eating schedule.

20120426-NOW 002

The morning started off right with a big bowl of Greek yogurt topped with flax, museli, raspberry jam, and Cookie Butter. Loved every bite. ^_^

I then walked the 1.5 miles in the rain to work and boy was I feeling sluggish. It should have been an espresso type of day..


But instead, the only thing that sounded good to my period belly was an Earl Grey tea. I cheated the system and added 3 pumps Vanilla and some steamed half and half for free since I’m a Gold Card Member. SO it was basically an Earl Grey Tea Latte, but $1 cheaper. ^^ Plus free refills so I pretty much had two. Along with my tea I got to sample Starbucks Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker. These things are good!

Another thing I got to try today was the Starbucks Double Shot. Holy moly this drink is delicious! A Tall is 2 shots of espresso, 2 pumps Classic syrup, over ice and then topped with a little milk. It’s sugar and caffeine and tastes amazing. Each shot is 5 calories and each pump of syrup 20. So 60 calories plus a little milk! I’m definitely gonna buy one of these when I feel like coffee again. If this drink sounds good to you let me just warn you that it is sweet!

20120426-NOW 003

After walking the 1.5 miles back home and stopping at the public library to grab the next Harry Potter books, I still couldn’t make it til noon without a snack. I love hard boiled eggs.

20120426-NOW 006

For lunch I tossed together leftover whole wheat penne with frozen veggies, a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and goat cheese. It was yummy but needed more protein.

20120426-NOW 007

The sweet ending was a red bean mochi while I finished up Catching Fire. I still hate how this book ends. Peeta…noooooooo!

Lab went fine but I almost passed out while waiting for it to start. The caffeine in the tea woke me up this morning but it certainly didn’t keep me going like espresso shots do. I was ready to go to sleep!

20120426-NOW 008

The moment I got in the door of my apartment I went straight to the kitchen and made a cup of Starbucks Tribute with a cream and munched on a chocolate chip granola bar. I enjoyed this snack while I read the sweetest little letter from my life wife aka Ashton, my best friend! =) I can’t wait to see her this summer for her wedding.

Refueled, I hit the gym for 45 minutes of Hill stationary biking.

20120426-NOW 009

Around 5:30pm I couldn’t wait any longer for dinner. I really tried and therefore let myself get super hungry. >.< Whoops. Overeating incoming. Dinner was a piece of Veggie Enchilada casserole topped with fresh salsa, avocado, and shredded cheese with a side of frozen veggies.

20120426-NOW 011

But of course I still felt hungry so I ended up munching on two plates of crackers and cheese afterwards. I feel slightly sick. Bleh! I need to figure out different meal times when my day starts so freaking early. Trying to stay on my normal schedule seems to be messing me up.

That said, I finally have a day off tomorrow since someone ended up taking my shift! Woohoo!!!!! Have a good Friday everyone!


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