Wednesday <3

You know I’m starting to love my Wednesday’s. They start off with me getting to sleep in until Chase gets up to go to work (8am!). Then I get to lounge in bed checking my email and playing my little smartphone games and whatnot.

20120425-NOW 002

When Chase leaves for work I sluggishly get out of bed and throw together breakfast. I can make anything! I have the time! Of course, today I just went with a simple bowl of Greek yogurt, Apple Crumble Love Crunch, chopped up Granny Smith, ground flax, and almond butter drizzle. Mmm mm.

Sadly I still prefer Love Crunch with milk over yogurt but I need so much more to fill me up then. >.<

20120425-NOW 004

I spent the rest of my morning laying in bed with Ophelia reading Catching Fire. I don’t know if it’s because it’s that time of the month or I’m just reading more into the story but I find myself getting all teared up this time around. Peeta is by far my favorite character. ❤

For lunch, I ate the rest of my sweet and crunchy quinoa salad topped with goat cheese and alongside fresh cucumber. God who knew cucumbers were so good! They add a light refreshing bite.

20120425-NOW 005

And to end on a sweet note I nibbled on this little red bean mochi while I prepared to head to class.


Today was wet and cold and I just felt very period belly (you know that sluggish-I’d-love-to-just-hang-out-in-bed feeling that you only get for that special time of month). So to help myself warm up, wake up, and feel a little bit happier I stepped into the Starbucks across the street from my reception job and nabbed a tall nonfat Earl Grey Tea Latte. I loved this. Earl Grey always makes me feel better and this latte was just delightful.


Around 5pm I munched on my Wednesday evening snack of a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar. I’ve never had this kind before and though I don’t rank it as my favorite (PB&J!) it was pretty yummy. I wasn’t going to eat it because I wasn’t “starving” but I’m glad I did. I need to keep reminding myself that the key is not let myself get to that “starving” point because it leads to bad decisions!

20120425-NOW 007

When I strolled in the apartment door around 7:30pm, my loving and kind boyfriend had dinner all ready for me! He cooked the entire thing. ^_^ Was I proud? Yes.

We had salmon burger patties and whole wheat penne topped with tomato sauce filled with veggies and sprinkled with a smidge of shredded Colby cheese. It was quiet delicious!

Chase and I always find the last week of the month pretty funny because you can definitely tell that it is exactly what week by the inside of our fridge. Expect some very random meals! We’re very low on….everything!

After dinner and a Buffy episode, we both laced up our sneakers and hit the gym. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love having Chase as my running buddy. I did my usual 30 minute treadmill interval workout back at a 2.0% incline while we watched some Family Guy/The Simpsons. We kept cracking up and smiling. It was a blast! Another reason to love Wednesdays. =)

Now I’ve got to get my things together for lab tomorrow and hit the hay early. Here comes another 4 am day!

P.s. I just snacked on a small cup of Carrot Cake Love Crunch with skim milk. I love this granola but boy is it dangerously addictive!

What’s your favorite day of the week and why?


6 thoughts on “Wednesday <3

  1. Peeta is my favorite character,too. This week-end I get to read Mockingjay.Then I get to find out what happened to him. My favorite day is Sat, but I like them all.Have a great Thursday. I’m really glad you’re liking your reception job. How are your feet?

  2. This may sound weird but I would have to say Thursday. its my house cleaning day,im not psycho in the sense that I love to clean its just that feeling of accomplishment I get when im done. My house looks nice for the weekend so I can take it easy and enjoy my saturday/sunday….
    btw, that love crunch looks awesome I think it would be way to much of a trigger food for me. Oh well I will just have to libe vicariously thru you 🙂 but just in case can I buy it at whole foods?

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