Fuel Failure

I think this whole 4 am thing is getting easier for me. ^_^

20120424-NOW 001

I popped right out of bed this morning, got ready, and ate my breakfast of a whole cup of Aloha Love Crunch and skim milk. I seriously hate how calorie dense this stuff is because you never feel like you have enough of it! Arg!

For the amount of calories it was, it sure didn’t fuel me for very long.  -_- Just the 1.5 mile walk to work and about 4 hours of work.

20120424-NOW 002

On my 15 minute break I munched on my snack of TJ’s Green Mango dried fruit. This stuff is really yummy but sweet. Also it didn’t hold me over at all. >.< Fail snack.

20120424-NOW 003

Once I walked back home I couldn’t even wait until noon to have lunch. I was that hungry! I made a strange lunch too. A ton of Herb and Olive Oil crackers, Colby cheese, Granny Smith, Cookie Butter, canned beets, and a red bean mochi (found at the World Market!).

The mochi was just not very good in comparison to the quality of mochi I’ve had in my life. =( Bummer. Also my lunch failed me a little…

20120424-NOW 004

At noon I had a cup of joe and a chocolate chip granola bar. Yeah I know I can only blame myself for my pathetic lunch!

After class today I stuck to my game plan and headed straight to the gym as soon as I got home. 45 minutes of Hill setting stationary biking and I was pouring sweat! I love a good sweat. I almost took some pictures of my clothes but decided against grossing you guys out. =P

20120424-NOW 005

Dinner was a piece of my Veggie Enchilada Casserole topped with fresh TJ’s salsa and avocado plus a side of frozen veggies. This dish is really growing on me! I’m enjoying every bite.

20120424-NOW 007

A few hours later I couldn’t get the combination of tart apple and sweet Cooke Butter out of my mind. So I had a little dessert of one. I swear I’m going to get back to “just having tea in the evening” soon! ~.^


Since I haven’t had enough pictures of my little ones lately: Vinni decided to be a total punk today and go through all of the plastic bags, crying his head off and making a mess. Seriously. Sometimes he just needs attention!


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