Molto Bella

This Saturday was actually not half bad. ^_^ I’m not gonna lie, I was actually excited to go to my reception job since I knew I’d actually get to sit there! My feet are killing me working at Starbucks!

Since we open at 10am I got to sleep in until 7! It felt soo good. I then got up and weight straight to the living room to do 10 minutes of my Abs Workout app. This time I concentrated on looking to the corner of the room and my neck didn’t hurt at all! I think my abs are getting tougher too.

20120421-NOW 001

For breakfast I made a simple bowl of frosted mini-wheats and Apple Crumble Love Crunch with flax and skim milk. It was yummy but I couldn’t taste the Apple Crumble too well. So I had a little bit more at the end. ~.^

I’m ready to write a review of the Love Crunch’s!

20120421-NOW 011

On my way out the door I remembered I was given a sample of Starbucks VIA Veranda Blend to try. I made a cup, took a sip….and had Starbucks dump it out…


And refill it with a short Cinnamon Dolche Latte with nonfat milk and no whip. The Blonde roasts are just too acidic for me. I like my coffee bold and smooth!

20120421-NOW 010

Around 1pm, I had a healthy and refreshing lunch of Sweet and Crunchy Quinoa Salad sprinkled with goat cheese and enjoyed along side fresh cucumber. They went really well together! Plus a tiny Granny Smith with crunchy peanut butter. Mmm!

It was extremely slow at work today so I was able to leave early at 2pm. There is some intense road work going on right in front of my bus stop and I realized I’d be waiting there forever. I decided to hoof it the 2.0 miles home and I almost beat the bus! I had to stop at the bank so…

20120421-NOW 012

When I arrived home I had some bad news in the mail box which pissed me off enough I grabbed an Orange Almond Chia muffin and chowed down. My letters I sent to my friend in Austria 2 months ago were returned due to me stupidly forgetting to put part of the address! >.<

Next I hoofed it back to my I-405 bus stop and got on the bus to Bellevue! Chase and I decided to meet at the Bellevue Square Mall since we both got off early so we could browse and enjoy the beautiful day.


Around 5pm I was running on empty so we stopped into Jamba Juice to refuel. A 16 oz Banana Berry smoothie for me and a Peanut Butter Moo for him. Not my favorite smoothie but it felt so good in the heat!


We also ended up checking out See’s Candies across the street and were nicely handed a sample chocolate. Mmm don’t mind if I do. ^_^

We had a lot of fun walking around for over 2 hours! We looked for Mother’s Day gifts,birthday gifts, plates and bowls for this dish addicted girl, plus I finally got to explore the World Market! It was so cool looking through all the imported food. I may have bought a few things. ~.^ Hey it was pay day!

With all the walking my feet are now blistered and swollen!!

20120421-NOW 018

We got home around 7pm and by 8pm I was ready for dinner. I made veggie pasta topped with zucchini in Hunt’s Tomato Sauce and the very last of my Meatless Meatballs. Delizioso!

Have I mentioned I am obsessed with all things Italian right now? We’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss and they did a summer in Italy so I am now determined not only to go to Italy but learn basic tourist Italian! It’s pretty funny since I only know a few words from Cake Boss so I’ll use them even when they don’t really work. For example, I’ve been exclaiming “molto bella” (very beautiful) at everything. ^_^ Yeah I should learn more.

Buona notte! (Good night! I just looked that up…)


2 thoughts on “Molto Bella

  1. You go with your Italian!! Glad you had a great Saturday 🙂 I’m totally with you on the light blends way to acidic. Thats why I stick to my pike place, and I really love the Tribute blend good stuff!
    Happy Sunday to you Robyn..

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