Tea + Lemonade = Love

Hm..sitting down to write this post I find myself without much to say.

20120417-NOW 001

Breakfast of whole wheat toast slathered in Archer Farm’s Crunchy PB, raspberry jelly, ground flax, and banana slices was eaten bright and early before my Starbucks shift with 1.5 glasses of milk. I needed more milk to wash it all down!

I then was off for more training and my lovely trainer, Ryan, was kind enough to not force coffee samples on me since I told him I was trying to go a week without. Instead we  sampled teas. ^_^ And he got me hooked on this amazing drink:


Tall iced black tea lemonade with 1/2 the sweetener. Delicious and refreshing! I see me getting these quiet a bit this summer and only 100kcals!


When I got to school around 1pm I was dying to break into my lunch. I devoured my salad of butter lettuce topped with Sweet and Crunchy Quinoa Salad and goat cheese. It was so fresh and filling I didn’t even need my apple.

20120417-NOW 002

When I got home from class I had this wonderful package waiting at my door! I won Alive Magazine’s Love at First Bite with Love Crunch contest a week ago (see, my twitter account is good for something!) and have been so excited to get this package.


Apple Crumble, Carrot Cake, Aloha Blend, and Dark Chocolate & Red Berries. I’ve been looking for these new flavors for months now and never found them! (Besides the Dark chocolate one which was toooo good to ever buy again.) I immediately checked out the ingredients and found that half of these are nut-free too!

20120417-NOW 004

Unable to resist, (and I was a bit hungry) I broke into the Carrot Cake Love Crunch with some skim milk. Only 1/2 cup because boy are these granolas high in calories! I’m going to have to be very careful in my use. I’m going to write a whole separate review post on all the flavors so I’ll just tell you that it was outstanding!


Now bursting with energy I hit the gym for a 45 minute Hill stationary bike workout. I even increased the level from 10 to 11 and sped away for 16.20 miles. I love using my Kindle on the bike.


Once I got back Ophie and I spent some time studying for my exam tomorrow. Look how freaking cute she is!? She makes it very hard to study. She just laid this way and fell asleep.

20120417-NOW 005

That workout really used up my fuel because I soon got hungry right after. >.< A serving of Pirates booty did the trick!

20120417-NOW 006

Chase got home around 6:30pm and I already had dinner going. I was hungry! I made TJ’s Chicken-less Orange Morsels with green beans on a bed of brown rice. Delicious! These “chicken nuggets” have the best texture and flavor I’ve ever had.

Confession: I was still hungry after eating and Chase was munching on Doritos…so I munched on some as well. >.< I really need to get it through my head that some snacks are his snacks while some are mine. Doritos are too addicting to me!

20120417-NOW 011

And now Vinni is giving me this face. This face says: “Mom! Get back to studying.”

G’night ~.^


3 thoughts on “Tea + Lemonade = Love

  1. That black tea lemonade is so good! My boyfriend bought one and I really liked it. I too had a cat that did the same thing, whenever I was studying she laid on my books and I just had to take a nap with her!

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