Team Workout

Man today was rough! No I didn’t feel sick or tired or any of that just very unmotivated to do anything! I woke up fine enough though at 8am as Chase was getting ready for work.

20120416-NOW 001

Starving, I had a big bowl of frosted mini-wheats with ground flax, skim milk, and a banana. It was delicious but sadly it always leaves me wanting more.Hmph! Mini Wheats are clearly not the cereal for me.

Once Chase left I got completely ready for my workout: workout clothes on, hair up, bag packed, even shoes on. And then I realized just how much I didn’t want to go. Honestly. It just sounded like a completely awful thing to do at that moment. I’d have rather eaten glass! Yes, I was a little dramatic.

So I texted Chase to tell him my dilemma and get verification that yes I could workout later. I’m weird. 


I then crawled back in bed with this little muffin-head and studied micro and read Harry Potter. It was a very nice morning not having to work!


A little before noon I was getting really hungry. I looked in the fridge and saw my Chevey’s leftovers sitting in there. I really didn’t want to eat them but I decided at $15 this meal had to be given another chance. I ended up eating the tortilla, rice, and picked through the onions and peppers. The taste was just entirely off to me. Tossing the  rest in the bin I grabbed some more food: Peach Chobani and a TJ’s Chocolate Chip Chewy Coated Granola Bar!

I picked up these bars because they have no nuts in them and therefore work for my nut-free days. I loved them! They taste delicious and especially fulfill that sweet tooth craving.

Then I was off to class!

When I got home I was determined to get my butt in gear and get to the gym. I got all ready (again!) and headed out the door, locking it behind me. Only…my key wouldn’t come out of the lock! Frantically, I pulled and pulled and wiggled. Perfect. My keys were jammed in my door.

To keep this retelling short, I ended up spending an hour with the property repair guy getting a new lock installed. Pretty defeated I texted Chase my bad luck. He completely made my day by saying “You know I can workout with you right? It’s actually something I want to do.” Surprised smile My couch-potato, video-gaming man wants to workout with me! I immediately felt better about putting it off until after dinner.

20120416-NOW 008

However, dinner wasn’t for a couple more hours and my stomach was hungry! So, I present to you my other non-nut Trader Joe’s find: Specullos Cookie Butter! I’ve seen this stuff on a dozen of other blogs and everyone agrees this stuff is delicious. Sure it’s made out of cookies and sugar but hey! I was going to try it anyway and now I have the perfect nut butter substitute to get me excited about.

I tired it with a baby Granny Smith apple and oh my word. I’m in love. I can’t exactly describe this heavenly spread but I suppose in one word it reminds me of: gingerbread.

I think I know what I’m giving to people back home as gifts. ^_^ (We have no Trader Joe’s in Montana.)

20120416-NOW 009

When Chase arrived home around 6:30pm I had dinner all ready. I made The Kitchn’s Sweet and Crunchy Quinoa Salad minus the pine nuts, a wild salmon burger, and steamed some frozen green beans.

This salad is delicious!! The cumin and cinnamon really blend together nicely. I added some toasted walnuts and pecans into the leftovers since it’s not every day I don’t eat nuts. ~.^

As planned, about an hour after dinner Chase and I laced up our tennies and hit the gym! Tonight was exceptionally nice because Chase tried out the elliptical (he normally bikes) that is right next to my treadmill. I never knew what a difference it makes to have someone you actually want to talk to running next to you! We laughed and made fun of commercials on TV.

I did my old fall back treadmill interval workout with no incline and finished strong. As we walked back to our apartment we agreed to do this every Mon/Wed/Fri. =) I think he really liked having me next to him too.


Anyways, I leave you all with this photo Chase took right as he got home tonight. Apparently this drake was just hanging out in the parking lot! What a silly duck.

Have a goodnight!

Do you have a workout buddy?


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