Fabulous Freezer

I didn’t’ have any  headaches today but my appetite was still a little testy. I woke up at 8am,  starving!

20120415-NOW 001

I only wanted one thing: banana and nut butter. So even though it was supposed to be a nut-free day I decided to listen to my body. Greek yogurt, museli, ground flax, banana, almond butter, and after the photo a few craisins. It needed that extra texture and zing!

After eating I snuggled back in bed with my baby girl and finished my chapter for microbiology and a bit of Harry Potter. I then promptly fell back asleep for two hours! Wow. Perhaps my body needed the extra rest?

Anyway once I woke up at noon I headed straight to the gym where I did a 30 minute 2.0 mile Hill Interval workout. You know what? It was actually the best incline workout I’ve done. A good amount of cardio but not soo much that I would die.

20120415-NOW 002

Once showered and dressed it was already around 1:30pm and I still wasn’t hungry. I had errands to go run though one of which involved Trader Joe’s so I knew I needed to eat.

I only picked foods that my stomach didn’t cringe over. Crackers and cheese, cucumber, banana and crunchy peanut butter. Surprisingly perfect.

Then I walked all the way to my bank, AT&T store (which was stupidly closed though their posted hours said otherwise), and Trader Joe’s. It was hot and sunny out so I ended up sweating all over.  -_-

20120415-NOW 003

Once I got back in the door my energy felt completely leeched. I refueled with a small bowl of frosted mini-wheats and skim milk. Yum yum! I’m excited to try out new cereals.

I also grabbed some non-nut type things at TJ’s since I’m really trying to commit to cutting back on nuts. I’ll show you those another day though!

20120415-NOW 004

Chase got home around 5:30pm and had a beautiful surprise for me! He brought me absolute favorite flowers. Tulips in my favorite color, purple! I don’t have a vase so hopefully my cleaned out Kashi can will do. They’re out on our porch now. ❤ Isn’t he a sweetheart?

20120415-NOW 006

Dinner was reheated veggie pasta with vegetable filled tomato sauce and Meatless Meatballs. ❤ I really love the texture of this pasta. It didn’t get mushy like other pastas I’ve had.

20120415-NOW 007

For dessert Chase and I both had our very last German chocolate cupcakes that I made back at the beginning of March! I’m so glad we had frozen half the batch and therefore got to enjoy them slowly over a month and a half.

Perhaps I can allow myself to buy flour as long as I freeze the delectable treats I make? o.O

Anyway I did get some microbio studying done today so I think I’m gonna go get in more Harry Potter reading. ^_^ It is the weekend after all!

Do you freeze your baked goods? If so, how long are they generally good for?


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Freezer

  1. Wow those flowers are so pretty! I hate it when I get all sweaty too, but living in one of the hottest cities in TX, its hard not to. I freeze cupcakes and cookies but they don’t last long, I usually finish them in a week haha

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