A Day At the Zoo

Woowee. Today was  a packed fun-filled day!

20120413-NOW 002

It started with sleeping in until 9am (it felt soo good) followed by one amazing breakfast! Chase and I both contributed to this effort and it turned out delicious. I made Fiber One blueberry pancakes and they actually turned out like pancakes!!! I was soo ecstatic when I realized I’d been using way too much water this entire time. They were fluffy and flipped perfectly! Yes there may have been some happy jigs in my kitchen today.

Along with my blueberry pancakes Chase made us fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese. Mmm! We were going for a filling meal and that’s exactly what we got. We needed all the stamina we could muster for:

20120413-NOW 005

A day at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! Chase’s mum kindly sent us money to do something fun for Easter and this is when we could fit it in. ^_^ It was a beautiful day for a long drive to Tacoma and after getting a little lost within the park we found the zoo!

20120413-NOW 017

We were thrilled to be out and about in the sunshine!

20120413-NOW 009

We saw meerkats (every time anyone says this word I hear Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks going “Meerkats? I’ve come to join your family!” in his cute cute squeaky voice. Anyone else?)

20120413-NOW 024

And serene burnt-out hippie looking goats.

20120413-NOW 038

Neat lionfish!

20120413-NOW 044

Lemon sharks. (The shark exhibit was actually really cool and both Chase and I agreed that that was the closest we’d ever been to a shark.)

20120413-NOW 050

Also Suki the elephant! There was a neat elephant trainer talk going on and we learned that elephants can only sit down for 4 hours. If they stay down longer their weight becomes too much for them and they suffocate!! Isn’t that crazy? That’s why when they get too old and their arthritis gets too bad they die. Their bones don’t want them to get up and they eventually stop breathing. =(

20120413-NOW 052

This zoo was very kid friendly. Lots of interactive stuff and educational material all over the place!

20120413-NOW 061

Chase was very excited when we finally found the tiger hiding in the sun. (His favorite animal growing up was a tiger.) We would have liked to have seen more of him though!

20120413-NOW 062

Instead we made do with donating money to The Tiger Foundation. This zoo was very with it on conservation and explaining the issues to anyone who would listen.

20120413-NOW 065

Around 1pm I was waning so we grabbed a treat. Chase had never had Dippin’ Dots before! I informed him this was unacceptable and grabbed us a medium Banana Split Dippin’ Dots. ^_^ I love the chewy texture it gives ice cream.

20120413-NOW 066

Then we were ready for more exciting animal viewing such as cute and quick penguins!

20120413-NOW 073

And taking in a little of the parks educational show where we met this king vulture who did not want to preform right! It was pretty funny to watch the handler’s try to keep the show going when their star would not cooperate.

20120413-NOW 082

I really liked seeing the walruses swimming. I’d only ever seen them slow and fat sitting on land so seeing them in the water was an entirely different experience. They are so agile and serene!

20120413-NOW 087

We really saw a ton of different animals today so I’m just putting up my favorite pictures here. So I don’t bore you all I’ll go quick: puffins!

20120413-NOW 088

Adorable artic foxes!

20120413-NOW 089


20120413-NOW 091


20120413-NOW 095

And red wolves…oh my!

20120413-NOW 102

By 3pm I was seriously faint and low energy. I quickly munched on this small organic Granny Smith I’d brought with me which helped me get us to a mall to walk around for another hour.

20120413-NOW 103

At 4pm I told Chase I couldn’t wait any longer and that we would have to have “linner” lunch/dinner. We quickly scooped out Yelp to see what was near by and sounded good. Sadly I can’t say we tried out some awesome, local place. Instead we ended up at Chevys Fresh Mex where all I knew was that they had the best salsa and tortilla chips I have ever eaten.

As soon as we sat down I started munching. >.>

20120413-NOW 104

Munching so much that by the time my vegetable fajitas came out (which didn’t take very long) I was pretty full! (Don’t let the picture fool you. That was our second basket of chips!)

I ended up eating one fajita and brining the rest home. To be honest, the fajita flavoring wasn’t very bold but I intend to throw together a really great salad for lunch tomorrow with the leftovers.

Chevy’s seriously has godly chips and salsa but I don’t see myself going back due to the mediocre food and pretty high prices.

As for my goals:

  • Even though I really wanted to grab a coffee today I didn’t and stuck to water!
  • I really tried to slow down when I ate but stupidly was so freaking hungry it didn’t really happen. More to work on!
  • I ate my veggies all cooked today (raw veggies can really mess with my tummy) and made sure my apple was super clean. Apples do tend to make me seriously bloat but normally only when unwashed. Also stopped by TJ’s on my way home and grabbed some less gassy foods!

Hope everyone had an amazing Friday!


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