Early Early Morning

Is it too early to go to bed before 8pm? I’m thinking it might be but oh how I long to fall into my pillows and shut myself off from the world. Getting up at 4am is just too early!

20120410-NOW 001

I thought it might be too early for breakfast too but it turns out my stomach is pretty smart and gets hungry whenever I wake! I ended up finishing off my Costco Greek yogurt with Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, dried cherries, and almond butter. Man nut butter and yogurt goes soo well together. If you haven’t tried it, I think you should!


At 5am I walked the 1.7 miles to Safeway for the opening Starbucks shift. It was super dark out but I smartly stayed on the lit side of the street and made sure to have my bright red vest with me so people could see me since all my other clothes are black (Starbucks attire). Anytime there’s someone walking down the street or biking in all black my dad always rants about it. Well he can’t rant about me!


My co-worker, Ryan, nicely bought me a coffee drink to help us wake up! I’ve always wanted to try a Espresso Con Panna (espresso topped with whipped cream) so I figured now was the time. Mmm! I loved it! It has the rich and caramelly espresso flavor but also the delicate sweet and creamy whip cream and it really wakes me up! Plus, only 30 Calories. ~.^

Today I got to practice making and trying a lot of Frappuccinos and non-coffee drinks. My favorites: Green Tea Latte and Caramel Apple Spice. Holy yum! I’m not really a fan of the Frappes. =/ It’s a texture thing!

20120410-NOW 002

When my shift ended at 9:45am Ryan awesomely asked to drive me home and I happily accepted. I was tired! When I got in though I immediately threw on my workout clothes and hit the gym for a 45 minute Hill stationary bike.

That reminds me, with the excitement of last night’s dinner I forgot to mention that Chase and I did get in out workout last night as soon as we got back! I tried another new interval treadmill workout that wasn’t half bad but was still not my favorite.  Sticking to my workout schedule though!

20120410-NOW 003

With my eating being all off due to my early morning, even before noon I started making my lunch. So hungry! I devoured the very last of my roasted vegetable minestrone soup with garlic bread and cantaloupe.

I did really love this soup but I don’t think it’s the minestrone soup of my heart. In a few months I will have to try another recipe.

20120410-NOW 004

Around 3:30pm my espresso wore off. I nicked a free cup of coffee on my walk from the bus stop to home and enjoyed it with some cream and a Open Nature Cherry & Dark Chocolate granola bar. Sadly these bars were not what I was wanting. They are 100% natural and all that but they still gotta taste good right!? These were seriously lacking a little sugar. Very cardboardy.

While I tried to stay awake (man was it hard) I also ended up snacking on some unpictured crackers and cheese. I know I didn’t need it but my awareness lowers when I’m dead tired. =/

20120410-NOW 005

At 6:30pm Chase walked in the door from work and I had dinner all ready for us! Teriyaki tofu on rice for me and teriyaki chicken for him! It was outstanding! Nothing complicated just simple veggies/protein/sauce/rice. Mm mmm.

Damn it’s still not 8pm yet! I think I’m going to crawl in bed anyway and try and finish Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I may regret it when I wake up at 4am for no reason tomorrow but it’s that or continuously eat. -_-

I hope everyone has had a great start of the week! We’re already almost half way!

What do you do with a product (like gross granola bars) that you don’t like?


2 thoughts on “Early Early Morning

  1. I Try to give them to my kids and if that doesn’t work I will throw it away or maybe like in the case of granola bars I usually just mix it into yogurt..

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