I may be the worst maker of pancakes ever. Seriously. It shouldn’t be that hard to flip a round doughy disk over.  -_- I pretty much want to officially give up on all things pancake and I would if I didn’t still have two boxes of mix left.

20120408-NOW 001

This morning I woke up bright and early and made some failed blueberry pancakes with Fiber One Pancake Mix, frozen blueberries, almond butter, and maple syrup. Yes one of them I even ended up folding over in a sort of omelet way. They tasted fine but I want them to look pretty!

Sadly this hardly held me over. =(


Two hours later I remembered why I used to have to go to Starbucks or Hastings to get my chemistry homework/reading done. Studying makes me hungry! So while I read through my microbiology I snacked on a serving of TJ’s Nuts About Raspberries mix. Yum!


I also remembered that another reason I left the house to study was because it’s hard to concentrate with this much cuteness around you! Vincent and Ophelia napped around me all day long making sure I could see them in my peripheral vision. I kept having to put down my book to snap photos!

20120408-NOW 002

Even with the snack I was very ready for lunch around noon. I heated up another bowl of roasted vegetable minestrone soup with shaved parmesan, three slices of garlic bread, and some cantaloupe. Hearty yet I still didn’t make it to dinner without snacking. >.< I guess it was just one of those days where I am constantly hungry.

20120408-NOW 003

After laying on the couch and reading Harry Potter for a few hours I needed a coffee break! Reading always makes me tried these days. =( A cup of Starbucks Tribute coffee with cream and a defrosted German Chocolate cupcake were enjoyed while I studied my Barista Basics.

The moment I had the thought of “coffee break” I had this song stuck in my head.

Ever heard of this musical? I’d seen it growing up in our local community theater.


It was such a perfect day outside I am a little embarrassed that I was inside all day. I have no lawn chairs to sit on my porch  yet and I knew if I tried to walk anywhere I’d end up spending money. I still opened up the screen door and let the kittens breathe in the fresh air. They were pretty psyched they had a squirrel come right up to them!

20120408-NOW 004

Around 4pm feeling hunger yet again, I made a small snack of rosemary crisp crackers and Colby cheese.

20120408-NOW 005

Eventually I just started making dinner, Danica’s Baked Bacon, Butternut Squash & Polenta Casserole! I’ve never purchased fake bacon before but I really wanted to follow the recipe to the T. Look how funny fake bacon looks! I was quiet surprised it had fake marbled fat.

20120408-NOW 007

Finally around 7pm dinner was ready! The casserole turned out a bit…off. I wasn’t able to mash up the butternut squash cubes and I guess the flavor of “bacon” isn’t really my thing. (Duh! Vegetarian!) However when it mixed with the maple syrup I drizzled over my steamed green beans it was quiet scrumptious. I ended up having two pieces!

I hope you all had a lovely spring weekend and holiday. Mine was a little lonely but also enjoyable in it’s relaxation.

P.s. I haven’t ruled out dessert yet. >.> May be enjoying some more yogurt with strawberries!

Do you eat fake meat products? If so, what are your favorites?


6 thoughts on ““Bacon”?

  1. Your funny with your pancake anger! 🙂 I suck at flipping pancakes too! They still look delish.
    Btw the pic of the kittens looking outside is so precious they really are beautiful kitties! What is there breed? My mom has a cat named Lupita who looks exactly like your 2. We thought she was a Maine coon when she was a kitten but she is to small to be that breed..
    Anyhow hope you have a fabulous Monday 🙂

  2. Well those pancakes look very tasty to me! My favorite faux meat product is a Gardein chicken one, I can’t remember the name exactly but it comes with a packet of sauce, my boyfriend even liked it better than real chicken!

  3. Hey, don’t forget meatless & soy free grounds by Quorn. It mite seem expensive at 1st, but you can substitute it for hamburger in spaghetti sauce & chili,& nobody would ever know it’s meatless. Yum,Yum. And it’s so easy!

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