First off I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. =) It really meant the world to me to hear that you guys really do read this! Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to myself. >.> So again, thank you. I do intend to keep blogging though perhaps I will try not to feel so stressed if I don’t have time for it on some days.

Some responses I received asked for an update on my jobs and microbiology class so here goes:

1. Safeway Starbucks Barista – I finally started training for it this week and I am loving it! Today, for example, I got to make a lot of drinks and taste each one. ~.^ I also enjoy my co-workers which is always a plus. I may get some new friends out of this!

2. Optometry Reception – This job is growing on me but I still don’t care for it much. I hardly work (4-7 on Wed and at the most 11-4 on Sat). If I start to feel too stressed I may just quit this one and focus on coffee. However, they pay better than Safeway and it always looks good to keep reception on your resume. =/ For now I’ll hang onto it.

3. Microbiology – So far this class seems pointless since most of it is either really basic or stuff I already covered in my cell & molec class. In lab we’ve: inoculated plates, streaked for isolation, learned how to use a microscope, and done bacterial smears and simple staining. At least it’s easy so I don’t have to spend too much out of class time on it.

Ok! Now on to today!

20120405-NOW 001

This morning I had a Starbucks shift at 8am so it was still dark when I was eating breakfast around 6:30! I apologize for the dank photo. I had a quick bowl of Kashi Golean Crunch with ground flax, fresh strawberries, dried cherries, and TJ’s Nonfat Milk. I love cereal but, honestly, I miss the nuts! I am trying to go back to my nuts every other day routine. >.< Today was actually the first day I succeeded!

I then walked the 1.7 miles to work and had a fun shift.


Like I mentioned, my shift was awesome and I had a ball tasting all the various drinks. When I got off at noon I grabbed my own short cappuccino with one pump raspberry syrup. I love foam. ❤ It was yummy, but I was starving for food so I ended up tossing half of it since it grew cold while I ate lunch.

20120405-NOW 003

My lunch was a complete “omg what do we have in the fridge/freezer that I can throw together and that I haven’t eaten over and over again in the past few days?!” (example, please no minestrone soup!). That’s how I ended up with this boring lunch: white rice with soy sauce, steamed frozen green beans, and a hard boiled egg topped with s&p. o.O I scarfed it down and then was out the door to get to my bus stop.

Lab was boring and now I can’t get the awful smell of E. coli out of my nostrils. Seriously, I keep feeling like it’s all around me!

20120405-NOW 004

I arrived back home around 4pm completely hungry. I know I know. I need to work better at not letting myself come home this hungry. I devoured a serving of Pirate’s Booty…

20120405-NOW 005

Then finished off some cracker and Colby cheese while I read through my official acceptance letter into Bastyr’s Nutrition program! Yes that’s right! I’ll be really and truly on my way towards R.D.’dom come Fall 2012. I’m very excited ^_^

20120405-NOW 006

My babies think it’s really wired when: their mother puts food on the floor, yells at them that it’s not for them, takes a picture, and then eats it. Vinny does not look amused.

Next up I stuck to my guns and hit the gym for 45 minutes on the stationary bike Hill setting. I love my reading time. ❤ I came back to the apartment drenched in sweat, showered, and after only an hour declared it time for dinner! I was one hungry girl today.

20120405-NOW 011

Dinner today was brought to us by: Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burger. I picked up this huge pack at Costco willing to give Dr. Praeger one more try. I’d tried the gluten free version of this burger last summer and hated it. I give brands a second chance! What a nice gal.

20120405-NOW 013

Also brought to us by: McCormick’s Perfect Pinch Mediterranean Herb seasoning! I really wanted to share this with you all because this is seriously my all time favorite mix. It’s a blend of herbs such as rosemary, thyme, chili pepper, paprika, garlic, and salt. I highly recommend it.

20120405-NOW 014

So I had a California veggie burger on top of a somewhat burnt bun (though not as burnt as my first attempt! Curse you Hello Kitty toaster!) with pickles, onion, and ketchup. On the side I had Brussels sprouts sautéed in olive oil and the seasoning.

To be honest I was really disappointed with the burger. Dr. Praegar and I are through! Now I just have to eat the rest of this big box. >.<


A few hours later I really wanted dessert so I went with a moderately healthy one. Apple Cinnamon Chobani with Kashi Golean Crunch tastes just like an apple pie! MMmm mm! Vinni enjoyed it too. ^_^

Big plans for tomorrow night and yay for my weekend (currently my weekends consists of Fridays and Sundays)! For the rest of you that have a normal work week: you’re almost there!! And oooh! Tomorrow is Cookie Friday. ~.^

What’s your regular Starbucks drink?

Short cappuccino! I honestly am not normally in the mood for sweet and I started ordering it regular (2% milk instead of nonfat) because it made such a huge difference in the creamy flavor.


10 thoughts on “Rejuvenated

  1. Venti pike place with sugar free caramel syrup and light caramel drizzle with a little 1\2 & 1\2.. Love it!.
    p.s. Glad today was a good day 🙂 happy almost Friday!

    • Mmm! I have brewed a lot of Pike Place this week! Did you know they rebrew it every 30 minutes?

      I also love adding caramel drizzle to any plain drink because it adds sooo much flavor for less calories than regular syrup. I can’t stomach the sugar-free syrups =/

  2. Wow it seems like you had a very busy and productive day! I used to love green tea lattes with sugar free vanilla syrup, now I’m loving Tazo refresh brewed tea. A lot of people hate mint but I love it, especially this tea, I find it so soothing 😉

  3. Question: why is your breakfast resting on scale? I had also lab last week and I had also the feeling that the smell (and feeling) of bacteria kept following me all day long. Too bad about the burger, it’s always sad when you give something a second chance and it fails on you (again). I also ate a veggie burger today, but in a weird way: my mom was like ‘veggie burger = vegetables’. So we ate meat with them. She normally cooks quite healthy though. Random fact: I’m always a bit proud when people eat Brussels sprouts ’cause I’m from Belgium (capital: Brussels).

    • Haha glad you noticed my scale. My breakfasts normally have some small part measured out such as yogurt or milk. Otherwise I tend to go overboard!

      What are you studying in school?

      Your mother sounds funny!

      ^_^ At first I wondered why Brussels sprouts were always capitalized! They are pretty much my favorite vegetable. Are they served often there?

      • That’s smart. I’ve never measured out yogurt or milk before. But I always (well, often) measure oats for the same reason. I study medicine. Oh, congratulation on your acceptance into the nutrition program, btw! 🙂

        I was wondering, what you’re currently studying? I know it involves microbiology and chemistry. Are they classes to prepare for the program?

        Well, euhm… I don’t think Brussels sprouts are served often. A lot of people, especially children, don’t like them. At home, we eat them sometimes in Winter (and last Tuesday). But my mom makes them in a special way ’cause my brother is a picky eater. 😉 So, she makes ‘stoemp’ ( of them.

        • Wow I’ve never heard of “stoemp”! I am determined to try it though. Sounds pretty delicious to me!

          Right now all I am taking is a simple microbiology class. It’s the last pre-requisite I need for my nutrition program that will start in September of this year.

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