Espresso Shot

Next weekend I am just going to sit on my butt and sleep. I am soo exhausted. I had big plans to wake up at 7am today and fit in my workout before my first day of Starbucks training at 10am but my body really needed the sleep instead.

20120402-NOW 001

As it turned out I made myself get out of bed at 7:30am and made this delicious bowl of Costco Greek yogurt, Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, fresh organic strawberries, dried cherries, and almond butter. Mmm mm! Love dairy. I then stumbled back to bed for another hour of sleep. I am so very glad I did too. I needed it.

20120402-NOW 003

While I ate however I had this staring at me the whole time. “Mom. We heard there is yogurt back in the house and we’re here to assist in its consumption.”

20120402-NOW 004

They are such yogurt fiends!

20120402-NOW 006

My first day of Starbucks barista training was awesome! I got to try my very first shot of straight espresso (freaking loved it) and learned how to steam the milk. I’m really excited about this job. They also sent me home with all this lovely loot. I’m very excited to fill up my Tazo Tea and Starbucks Coffee tasting guides!

20120402-NOW 007

After training, I quickly threw together lunch before I had to get to the bus stop. Whole wheat spaghetti topped with sautéed Brussels sprouts and a few meatless meatballs. I drizzled the whole thing with orange olive oil. It didn’t really go together…but it got the job done. I also tried Starbucks new Refreshers (all natural energy drink) but it tasted awful so I gave it to Chase. ^_^

Class went fine and I got back home around 4pm.

20120402-NOW 008

Since today was going to be our main shopping day I snacked on a small banana and White Chocolate Wonderful before we left so I wouldn’t buy out all of Safeway.

We got a lot of good buys and probably spent way too much money. (But honestly I needed more spices in my cabinet!) I did save 51% though, a whopping $81!! I’m getting good with coupons.

20120402-NOW 009

So remember how I mentioned I had my first shot of espresso today? Well, I’d been really feeling it all day. So much so that my right eye wouldn’t stop twitching. It felt good though until we finished shopping and I realized I was having a caffeine crash. I suddenly felt completely energy-less and I still had my workout to get to. =(

To give myself the assistance I needed I allowed myself a bag of trail mix. ❤ I then jumped on the treadmill and did a sweaty 30 minute interval workout at 2% incline. It was hard but I was so glad I did it. I need to get used to fitting it in the evenings since mornings are looking too busy.

20120402-NOW 011

Dinner tonight wasn’t until 8pm because Chase and I were actually cooking! I made Roasted Vegetable Minestrone and Chase cooked himself a big ol’ meaty lasagna and garlic bread. The soup turned out decent but not my favorite. I’m also really bummed I couldn’t find the summer squash it called for.

I ate a big bowl topped with parmesan and a huge piece of garlic bread. Yum yum. I love cooking.

My goals for April:

  • stick to working out 6x/week
  • cook 1 recipe/week

Have any April goals?


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