Cheesecake Factory Fail

Oh boy yesterday was long and ended on a not so good note. It started off wonderfully though!

20120330-NOW 001

A nice hot bowl of blueberry 10 Grain cereal (the very last of it!) with a scoop of White Chocolate Wonderful and some dried cherries. I am loving this hot cereal kick though I am missing dairy dreadfully. Soo close to next month though I can taste it.

I had plans to workout out but Chase convinced me with all the walking we’d be dong at the Emerald City Comicon I deserved the rest. Ooohh kay.

20120330-NOW 003

Around 12:30 while we were getting ready to go I realized I was super hungry. Well duh, normally this is past my lunch time. For lunch I enjoyed a banana and TJ’s Nuts About Raspberries Trail Mix while we ran out the door. I had to buy some for comiccon snacks!


Instead of working out me, my friend Del (who used to live in Seattle but now lives in San Fran), and her friend Cynthia all went for pedicures!


(Wow my feet are ugly. Please ignore them!) I haven’t had a pedicure since August so my feet were in dire need. It was a really nice little place that had big comfy massage chairs, hot soaking water, and really gave your feet nice care before painting them. I loved it!

Once our feet were all pretty we were off to the main event:

20120330-NOW 004

The Seattle Emerald City Comicon! To be honest, this convention is a little out of Chase and I’s niche. Give me a Blizzcon any day but comic books and Star Trek aren’t really my thing. The main reason I went was to spend time with my friend Del.

20120330-NOW 005

We started with: The Great Geek Off – A Family Feud Game. They were super geeky questions that honestly I didn’t know the answers to most of the time. For example the one pictured above is what did Batman in the Animated Series carry on his utility belt. o.O Yeah. Noo clue. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it though.

20120330-NOW 008

We also saw “We’re Laughing WITH you: Geek Stand Up Comedy”. These guys were pretty darn funny and I found myself enjoying stand up more and more. Pictured: Mike Coletta, Big Irish Jay Hollingsworth and Mike LaJoie. Also lined up in order of my favorites! I really enjoyed laughing the hour away.

20120330-NOW 009

Then we got to hear something pretty unique. The “Movie Mash Up featuring the finest Voice Talent the Galaxy has to offerwas super cool. Basically they had voice actors reading scripts like The Princess Bride and Silence of the Lambs in their different character voices. There were stars such as Bender (Futurama), Batman (The Animated Series), Pinky and the Brain(!!), and Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls). It’s crazy what people can do with their voices. I mean, what a cool job right?!

20120330-NOW 012

Lastly, we listened to Julie Caitlin Brown talk about her career and her views on life. I had no idea who this woman was but Del is a huge Babylon 5 fan so we had to watch it.


Turns out this was her character in the show! O.O She was interesting and had some good things to say but got a little preachy for the likes of us.

By the time we got out of there it was 9pm and we were starving! We needed food fast and sadly the only near-by place we found open was: The Cheesecake Factory. To be honest, I have never ever wanted to eat at this establishment but beggars can’t be choosers. It’s really a shame that downtown Seattle closes up so early on a Friday night!

20120330-NOW 013

With a half hour wait, Delly and I couldn’t help but eat dessert first. We grabbed some Banana Cream Cheesecake to go and shared it with a flourish. I normally don’t even like cheesecake but I was sooo hungry. =/ And to be honest, it wasn’t very good.

20120330-NOW 014

When we finally got our table it took about another 30-45 minutes to even get our food.

I ordered the Veggie Burger: A Delicious “Burger” Made with Brown Rice, Farro, Black Beans, Fresh Beets and Onion. Served on a Toasted Bun with Melted Fontina Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles and Mayo. With a side salad or fries.

I devoured the whole plate. The veggie burger was actually quiet good but I still won’t ever be coming back to one of these places.

Next we realized Chase’s glass had a HUGE broken edge. He’s lucky he drank from his straw and that when Del and I tried his drink we didn’t drink from that side or we could have had a serious medical situation. It is not acceptable to serve people on broken dishware.

We immediately told our waiter who just tried to pretend like it wasn’t that bad. The glass was so sharp Del almost cut herself showing him the problem. Instead of apologizing the waiter got defensive and combative.

Next he sent his manager to us who came off as very patronizing and just tried to give us free desserts that we didn’t want. Chase ended up filing a report and we got the whole meal comped. If Chase had cut himself or worse, drunken glass, this would have been very very serious.

Needless to say we had a very bad experience.

Anyway day 2 of comicon starts soon so I need to get ready!


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