The Hunger Games

Yes that’s right. I finally got to see the movie! Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

20120329-NOW 001

My morning started off as usual though perhaps a little bit more chipper knowing it was my “Friday” (yay for no class on Fridays!). I made a delicious bowl of plain oats (+ 1tbsp 10 Grain Cereal and flax) topped with almond butter, dried cherries, and unsweetened coconut. Mmmm! I ended up adding more cherries because I love their chewiness.

I stuck with my workout plan and headed to the gym for a 45 minute Hill bike ride. I sweated buckets and that always makes me feel good. ^_^

20120329-NOW 003

Of course it always makes me hungry too. For my post-workout snack I had 1/2 an organic Granny Smith with White Chocolate Wonderful. Why only half? Because its my very last apple! I can’t wait for grocery day (next month!)! Whenever I have to ration out food it makes me think of The Hunger Games.

20120329-NOW 005

I ate the rest of the apple and peanut butter for lunch about an hour later along with a nice bowl of tomato, craisins, sunflower quinoa. Small but tasty and it held me over for my microbiology lab. Boy was that a joke! We looked at pond water through a microscope. Oohh. Ahhh. Not. -_-


It was pouring all day today so when I walked in the apartment door I was pretty soaked, cold, and a bit hungry. Really I just wanted a salty snack and since popcorn is the only snack food we have on hand Chase and I plowed through this light popcorn. ❤

Fun Fact: Chase and I actually met over popcorn. ^_^ The summer after graduating high school I worked in a movie theater where Chase was a manager. He always helped me cleaned the popcorn kettle for me. ~.^ That thing is messy!

20120329-NOW 006

Even with my snack I was ready for dinner around 5:30pm. Quick heating of whole wheat spaghetti, spinach butternut squash sauce, and TJ’s meatless meatballs and I was set.


I’m so glad I ate early too because we had big plans tonight! Yep my discount tickets finally arrived in the mail!


The Hunger Games!

My thoughts: While it was a bit of a let-down I still enjoyed watching it. In my opinion they failed at really catching the “feeling” of the book. I felt like a lot of the history and relationships were way under developed. I don’t think it’s fair for film makers to pretty much assume everyone’s read the book and that they therefore don’t need to explain some things.

My main peeves (Spoiler alert):

  • Peeta/Katniss relationship – I absolutely loved Peeta in the movie though I don’t feel like the tension was there between them. I also didn’t like how they didn’t show the outside forces trying to push them together such as Cinna and Haymitch.
  • Rue – I loved the little girl who played her but I thought her relationship with Catniss was really underdeveloped and though I still cried when she died I felt like that could have been even stronger.
  • Why were there absolutely no Asians!? =P

Anyways, I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with some great photos of Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con!


2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Ohh so sorry it was a bit of a let-down, perhaps I liked it more because I’ve never read the book. I think I’ll read it, if I liked the movie then I’ll like the book even more. Have a good weekend! 🙂

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