Wednesday of Few Words

I am so exhausted I really want to make this a Wordless Wednesday.  -_- I’ll do one better though and make this a Wednesday of Few Words instead.

20120328-NOW 001

Blueberry 10 Grain Cereal + dried cherries + flax + White Chocolate Wonderful

Workout: stomach very much not ready to run today (stupid femaleness) plus some walker was on the treadmill again! Instead: 10 minute elliptical warm-up + weights

20120328-NOW 004

Rebuilding muscle made me hungry! Banana + PB

20120328-NOW 005

Lunch: Domino’s pizza.

20120328-NOW 006

Starbucks Tribute coffee with creamer and a lovely card from my mum before heading to class. ❤


Wednesday = go straight to reception job after class and work until 7pm. Lemon Larabar around 5pm to keep me going. I normally LOVE all things lemon but this bar was just off to me. Did not like!

20120328-NOW 009

Dinner as soon as I got home: whole wheat spaghetti topped with spinach butternut squash sauce and meatless balls.

20120328-NOW 002-2

Needing to unwind: glass of merlot while I prepared for my lab tomorrow.

20120328-NOW 010

And because I didn’t want to look suspicious waiting inside a quickie mart for Chase (it was pouring rain and the buses were not showing) I grabbed a Rolo after work. Mmm I love caramel.

Big plans for tomorrow (my Friday!): Going to see Hunger Games!!! ./joy I’m sure I’ll have more words for you all then. ^_^ Goodnight.


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