Sunny Sunday

Ahh! I love Sundays. No work. No school. No worries. ^_^ I always have my alarm turned off on Sundays. Today though I surprised myself by waking up exactly at 8:30am anyway. Hunger always wins.

20120325-NOW 004

I kept breakfast simple today. Plain oats with ground flax and topped with fruit preserves, PB & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful and dried cherries. It was PB&J in a bowl! I loved it. Oatmeal will always be my favorite food.

I then headed out to the gym to get in my strength training for the week. 10 minute warm up on the elliptical and then I hit the machines. Sadly some guy was completely hogging the shoulder/bench press so I had to skip those ones. I really do want to keep this strength training in my routine though. It feels good! Also want to add in more abs.

20120325-NOW 005

Trying to maintain my new thinking of having a post-workout snack, I munched on half a banana with crunchy peanut butter. I ate the rest of it right before lunch, but first Chase and I went out for a little stroll in the sunshine!

It was a gorgeous day out and was (for once) not even windy! The occasion for this outing: making sure Robyn knows where her bus stop is so she can get to school tomorrow! Surprised smile 

Since I was a little girl in elementary school I always wanted to take the school bus. One of my favorite things about sleeping over at Karlie’s house on a week night was getting to ride the bus in the morning. ^_^  Now, I finally get the chance to make that dream come true daily and I am frightened!! What if I end up out in the middle of no where and miss my class!?

It did soothe my nerves a bit to locate the bus stop though. Let’s just all pray I make it tomorrow!

20120325-NOW 006

After our little jaunt, we came back and opened up all the windows and screen doors to let the wonderful fresh air in. On this beautiful afternoon I also brewed my first cup of Starbucks Tribute coffee with cream and sugar. It’s pretty good but I think I even like my coffee a little stronger. Soo much better than the “water” I got from the Safeway brand though.

As you can tell I am taking my new barista job to heart. ~.^ I hope they call me soon so I can start training to make the actual coffee!

20120325-NOW 007

For lunch I cooked up a Quorn Turk’y burger and had it alongside some butter and radicchio lettuce and more tomato cranberry quinoa salad from last night.

20120325-NOW 008

It didn’t hold me over until dinner though. >.< Around 3:30pm I made myself a healthy and warm snack of Nature’s Path Optimum Cranberry Ginger oatmeal. I don’t really care for this flavor (gross ginger) but since it’s the only sort of “snack” we have in the house I made do.

20120325-NOW 010

My dinner tonight was absolutely superb though! Whole wheat spaghetti noodles topped with Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce (from Costco) mixed with frozen spinach and TJ’s Meatless Meatballs. Holy yum! I wished I’d had a bit more sauce but it was still super tasty. I love these meatballs.

Check out that wonderful natural light still coming in for dinner photos! Summertime is getting near!!!! =D

I hope you all had a splendid Sunday and took it easy, did  something fun, and ate some yummy and nutritious food.


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