Knocked Out

Today was pretty much my Saturday since I finally had a day off from both jobs and I work tomorrow. I embraced this and did absolutely nothing.

20120323-NOW 001

I still got up with my alarm at 8:30 and had the very last leftover pancake with light whipped butter and maple syrup. As good as these were, I’m totally ready to have something else for breakfast now!

Then, instead of working out, I laid on our new couch until lunch, re-reading The Hunger Games in honor of the movie being released in theaters today. I really wish I could go see it but it’s going to have to wait for next month’s entertainment budget. Anyone else plan on seeing it?


By 1pm I was very ready for lunch. I started making myself a healthy veggie burger with vegetables but the moment Chase told me he was having PB&J I knew that’s what I wanted too. I toasted up an English muffin and slathered it with crunchy peanut butter, organic strawberry jelly, and ground flax. I knew this wouldn’t hold me over alone so I also added a banana, a hard boiled egg, and enjoyed some popcorn with Chase later.

I then proceeded to curl back up on the couch with my book, two adorable kittens, and a blanket. By 3pm I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer…and then I dozed off until 7pm! O.O I knew my body had been tired lately but not that tired! I was completely knocked out. Chase kept trying to get me up but all I could do was mumble a few sentences and drift back off. I really hope I can still get to sleep tonight.

20120323-NOW 005

Dinner was the same as last night, teriyaki veggies and tofu on white rice. Delicious. I really need to start making some real recipes though so I have lots of leftovers for easy lunches.

20120323-NOW 006

Since it was Cookie Friday, Chase and I split a Costco Almond Poppy seed muffin for dessert with a mug of decaf orange tea.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t stick to my workout schedule, but clearly my body needed more rest than I’d been giving it. Hopefully it’s all caught up now!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Knocked Out

  1. I haven’t even read the book but I just saw the movie and its sooo good, I loved it! I really recommend it. Have a great weekend!

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