Odd Craving

Again, it is not even 10am and I am wishing I was turning off the lights and crawling into bed. I have just been soo very tired lately. I will try to stay awake a bit longer to come up with something witty to say. No promises. ~.^

20120322-NOW 012

Breakfast was, again, delicious. I’m so glad I have so many leftover pancakes to eat. ^_^ Seriously, huge time savers and so filling! Did I mention they also taste like cake heaven? And I don’t even like cake!

This morning I got up extra early and stuck to a tight schedule because we had a schedule to keep today. Chase had his first real interview to get to in Redmond and I had more training at Safeway to do. After breakfast there was no sitting around and relaxing. I laced up my shoes and jumped right on the stationary bike for 35 minutes of hill climbing.

So I consider bike days “easy” days. And do to this thinking I skipped my post-workout snack. I just wasn’t hungry at all and it’s easy to forget about when you’re not. I regretted it later though. >.<

Once Chase’s interview was over (it went well and he already has the follow-up interview set up for next week), I was already on my smartphone searching for a bagel place. Yes. I had the strangest craving for a bagel and cream cheese! Both things I normally hate.


I found a Noah’s New York Bagels on the way home and stopped in to grab a Pumpernickel bagel with 25% reduced fat cream cheese. I then devoured half in the car. This bagel was amazing. I’d never tried pumpernickel before but I am now a big fan.

20120322-NOW 001

When we arrived back at the apartment I put together more of a balanced lunch with the other half of the bagel, a hard boiled egg with s&p, olives and tomatoes, and an apple.

20120322-NOW 002

I ended up cutting the apple and eating it with some White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. ❤ This lunch was quiet filling! I walked the 1.6 miles to work, finished all my online training, and walked the 1.6 miles back, no hunger pains.

20120322-NOW 006

Then while I worked on my Washington Foodworkers Permit, I got snacky. Banana and peanut butter…

20120322-NOW 007

Followed by the rest of these Trader Joe’s Sweet & Spicy Pecans. These are delicious! I got them for a salad topper but I actually prefer them on their own best of all. I’m sure they’d be great in a spinach salad with strawberries and the like. They aren’t really that spicy at all but have a nice smoky flavor with a hint of sweet.

I’m now all caught up in my training to start my new barista job. All I have to do now is wait to get a call from the Starbucks manager who’ll setup when I can come in to actually start learning to make coffee. I’m so excited! I foresee lots of coffee in my future…

20120322-NOW 011-2

Around 7pm I decided to throw together some dinner. Tofu and frozen veggies cooked in teriyaki sauce over a bed of white rice. ❤ Mmm simple yet oh so tasty. I also enjoyed a glass of merlot that I poured last night but hadn’t felt like drinking.

20120322-NOW 005

Did I mention our couch was delivered yesterday? We just love it! It is so comfy and now we can watch TV shows in the living room instead of dangerously crawling into bed. Plus, no more reading on pillows on the ground! Thanks mom!

Any odd cravings lately?


4 thoughts on “Odd Craving

  1. That bagel looks delish! Food cravings lately… Probably cool whip, and white chocolate wonderful with grahm crackers, and lots of skim milk! Yummo! And also TJ’s low fat cheese curls love them:)
    I think its awesome your a barista! Coffee is amazing, cant imagine my life without it! Congratulations Robyn! Happy Friday!

    • Thanks Heidi! God I can’t even buy graham crackers anymore because the moment they are in my possession I want to cover them with PB and eat the whole box!! And haven’t tried TJ’s Cheese Curls yet but I will keep an eye out!

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious, as well as the bagel! I got some samples of bagels that I’m eating like crazy now! 🙂

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