Today was an extremely full day time wise but pretty empty food wise! I’ll explain…

20120320-NOW 001

First off, for Sandy and Dave’s send-off breakfast we went to The Brown Bag Café. I know I’ve reviewed this place twice before, and didn’t really care for it. However, I’ve never tried their breakfast which is what most reviews rave about. I was determined to give them one last shot.

When we walked in I glanced at their Daily Specials board and knew exactly what I wanted. Red, White, & Blue Pancakes: light and fluffy pancakes filled with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries! Yum! With my latest pancake-kick, I figured now was the time. (I normally hate pancakes.) I ordered a “short stack”, which is apparently two GIANT pancakes. Seriously. I couldn’t have finished one of these if I tried. (I’d left my cameras at home by mistake so you are seeing the aftermath of me trying to eat them. Not even half!)

Verdict: really excellent breakfast! I loved the pancakes. They tasted as amazing as they smelled and, really, the size fit the price. Sure I’d prefer cheaper, smaller ones, but now I can live off these for a few days! (I received Sandy’s as well after she failed to eat her short stack too.) 

And then Sandy and Dave were on their way back to snowy Montana! They made it safely by the way. I’m really glad they came to visit. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing them!

I then started my first day of work at Safeway after walking the 1.6 miles to work. I love that all my jobs are so close I can walk to them. ❤ Walking does wonders for my legs. ~.^


While I sat at a computer for 5 long hours doing safety training, learning policies, and practicing register etiquette, I munched on my “lunch”. Small Granny Smith and a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar. Yes. By the end of the day I was completely famished. From now on I am packing a real lunch no matter what. I just wasn’t sure how long I’d be there.

20120320-NOW 002

By the time I walked the 1.6 miles back home in the chilly wind, I was ready to eat Ophelia. O.O I immediately inhaled these Chinese leftovers, kung pao tofu and white rice. The bowl was huge. But I was not satisfied..

20120320-NOW 003

Next I shared some crackers and cheese with Chase. These Trader Joe’s Multigrain Crackers are freaking delicious! They are a blend of 12 grains such as wheat, rye, barely, millet, rice, ,and oats. 14 crackers for 150 kcals. Mmm mm! I’d definitely buy these again.

Now I should have without question waited for my hunger cues to catch up with the food I’d just eaten but my ravenous appetite could not be stopped. This food was momentarily followed by me finishing that top pancake in the first picture of this post as dessert. Drizzled in almond butter.

Yeah. After that I was suddenly quiet full. The good thing is is that it’s now been 4 hours since I ate all that and I am still full! No snacking tonight. ~.^

I also managed to get down to the gym around 8pm and did 35 minutes stationary biking on the hill setting while re-reading The Hunger Games. ^_^ Is anyone else super excited to see the movie? I won’t be seeing it for at least a few weeks but I’m psyched for it’s release this Friday nonetheless.

So today I learned that some pancakes are amazing, shoplifters are sneaky, and never ever leave home without your lunch! G’night all!


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