Education & Job #2!

Evening everyone! While today was not so touristy as yesterday, I had a busy and exciting day!

20120319-NOW 001

It started off with a simple breakfast of Kashi Golean, skim milk, flax, and dried cherries. Yummy, but as I learned later, not very filling. =/

20120319-NOW 002

Today was all about showing my mum and Dave the campuses I’ll be attending over on the West coast. First stop, Cascadia Community College in Bothell. I start here next week (omg. So soon.) just for one class. We browsed the campus and bought  my ORCA bus pass (yay finally a deal on public transportation!) and my overpriced microbiology book.

20120319-NOW 003

Then we headed over to Kenmore to check out Bastyr University where I will hopefully be starting this upcoming fall for Nutrition. Bastyr is a private school so I’m still waiting to here if I got accepted.

20120319-NOW 004

The campus was gorgeous in the sun. Truthfully, the first time I visited it I didn’t much care for it. Del and I drove over after having just looked at the University of Washington campus which is ginormous and breath-taking. In comparison, I was not impressed.

20120319-NOW 005

Viewing it now with a more open mind, I really love it. I like that it’s not huge and fancy. It’s warm and welcoming. My analogy to Chase was: This is more Sunnydale High while UW is more UC Sunnydale. Cookies for anyone who gets my reference. (Please Comment!)

20120319-NOW 006

After getting cranky and slightly bitchy at my mum (for no reason other than hunger, mom I’m sorry!), I realized I was a lot hungrier than I’d realized. Luckily I’d been toting around this small Granny Smith since Saturday. It tasted so good and immediately lifted up my mood.

20120319-NOW 007

I ate it while we browsed the schools herb garden. ❤

20120319-NOW 011
Chase noticed these red-eared slider turtles hanging out in the courtyard pool when we were leaving. They made him really miss Lily, who now resides with his folks in Billings, MT.

20120319-NOW 012

Once all the school-viewing was said and done, we had the hardest time figuring out what we all wanted to eat for lunch. From now on, I’m going to have a list of places I want to try before they come to visit!

We ended up back at the good ol’ Red Robin for another round of burgers. This time I tried a Bonzai (garden)burger in a lettuce wrap. To be honest they used way way too much lettuce to wrap it! I ended up having to take it off to eat!


Now remember how I was really excited about an interview I had today? Well I got the job! I will now be working as a barista in a Starbucks inside a Safeway! I’m really psyched about it because I have always wanted to be a barista. I love coffee!

At first I was a little bummed it was inside a Safeway and therefore (in my eyes) not a true Starbucks, but now, seeing all the perks of being a Safeway employee, I’m glad! Yay for cheaper groceries! That I can definitely use.

I’m still holding on to my optometrist reception job for now, but who knows how I’ll feel trying to do two jobs and go to school on top of it. Anyway, I start my first day of training tomorrow! ^_^


After spending over an hour at my interview/hiring, I rushed home to tell my mum and Chase! To celebrate Sandy treated us to a movie. She and Dave went to see The Artist while Chase and I went for the way less intellectual, 21 Jump Street. I would have been fine with The Artist but Chase really doesn’t care for non-talkies.

The movie was entertaining and had it’s funny moments. No I don’t need to see it again but it was fun to just relax and enjoy a movie with my man.


When the movies were out we were all very ready for some hearty dinner! Café Veloce is really near our place so we’ve been wanting to give it a try.


I kind of really liked the atmosphere. ^_^ It’s bike racing meets Italy. It was very warm and welcoming.


I started with a refreshing raspberry Italian soda and a slice of bread with herbed butter. Will definitely pass on the bread next time. I like my bread warm and with a crunchy outside. This had the texture of balloon bread.


I decided to listen to my tummy and ordered what it felt like. No it didn’t want hot delicious pasta or pizza. It wanted soup and salad! I got a small Capri salad – A variety of mixed exotic European salad greens, with walnuts, goat cheese and creamy poppy seed dressing. I really liked the salad but I think adding some roasted beets to it would really make me want re-order it. As is, it was only mediocre.


And I got a cup of minestrone soup. Sadly it was not the best I’ve ever had. I finished the cup, thankful I didn’t order the bowl, and had some of Sandy’s Spinach Lasagna. It was alright but way too many artichokes!

I would still love to come back to Café Veloce and give some other items on the menu a try. For example, tonight they had a $30 Wine Dinner for Two deal going on. I’d love to try that!

Anyway I’m beat and start my first day of work tomorrow after seeing Sandy and Dave off! Have a wonderful Tuesday.


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