Seattle Underground

Today was so eventful and fun-filled! If I could, I would be a professional tourist. ~.^

My day started off with my babies laying on my chest waking me so they could have their breakfast. Good thing they did too! I forgot I don’t have my alarm already set on Sunday so we were almost late in picking up Sandy and Dave for our day of adventure!

20120318-NOW 002

Even though I wasn’t starving (last nights dinner was huge), I decided to eat breakfast anyway. I knew if I didn’t, I would end up very cranky and dizzy in the middle of our planned tour that started at 11am. Greek yogurt, ground flax, Kashi Golean crunch, frozen blueberries, PB Co. White Chocolate Wonderful! Mmm mmm good.

20120318-NOW 005

Then we were off to Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle for the Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour! This tour was super interesting and quiet funny! “The underground tour is Seattle’s most unusual attraction, a humorous stroll through intriguing subterranean storefronts and sidewalks entombed when the city rebuilt on top of itself after the Great Fire of 1889.”

20120318-NOW 011

33 blocks of Seattle’s sidewalks are hollow! We were right underneath peoples’ feet. This is an original skylight, one of only a handful not filled in with concrete.

20120318-NOW 008

The tour was filled with interesting information, but visually not so photo worthy. A lot of rubble and debris. I tried to take intriguing photos for you all but there was only so much…

20120318-NOW 020

Our well-researched tour guide, Rick, knew his spiel down pat and was darn funny too! Here he indicates exactly where we are according to the original plans of this building.

20120318-NOW 022

That’s right! You enter from the modern street on the second floor! There are no basements here, only 1st floors unused.

20120318-NOW 024

The original entrances were below sea-level which caused all sorts of problems such as flooding and sewage flowing the wrong way. In fact, to try and combat that, the original settlement was actual built on top of mounds of sawdust! Thus, sinking became a problem as well.

20120318-NOW 028

We also learned that Seattle was pretty much paid for by the taxing of prostitutes! It seems like all our big cities got started on the backs of women…no pun intended!

20120318-NOW 029

By the time the 90 minute tour was over we were all very ready for lunch. We asked Rick for a seafood recommendation and he pointed us to the waterfront restaurant, Elliott’s Oyster House.

20120318-NOW 031

It was such a chilly and dreary day outside. Once we hoofed it down to the water we were soggy and cold.

20120318-NOW 032

We were very happy that Elliot’s was so warm and inviting ! I loved the interior. (Side note: they also have very nice hand-dryers and mouthwash in the bathrooms. We were all quiet impressed. ~.^)

20120318-NOW 033

The meal started with some warm bread. This rosemary roll was delicious. I also tried some of the sourdough which was superb. From someone who doesn’t like bread this means something.

20120318-NOW 034

For my entrée I wanted to try salmon in a completely different way than I’ve had it. I chose Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon served Cajun pan seared: dusted with Cajun
 spice and flash seared. 
Topped with roasted red 
pepper butter and served
 over creamy polenta and 
market vegetables. I love that Elliot’s uses only wild, sustainable seafood.

To be honest, while the fish was good the Cajun spice didn’t wow me. I would have been just as happy (and probably healthier) with it simply grilled. Cajun to me should be full of flavor. This, I found lacking. The creamy polenta was super yum though. I ate about half of everything and took the rest home.

20120318-NOW 035

After lunch we walked to Pike’s Market and while I love this place, Sandy really wasn’t in the mood for browsing.

20120318-NOW 036

So we grabbed hot drinks (short non-fat caramel macchiato) and used our smartphones to try and find a good place to go look at couches/loveseats. Sandy soo very kindly offered to buy us one so I wouldn’t have to sit in my make-shift couch anymore. (Pillows on the floor)


We ended up at JR Furniture and spent a good amount of time just sitting in couches, checking out their Spring Sale of 17% off! We did find one (not the one pictured) that was a discontinued floor model so we got a super good deal. It’ll be delivered on Wednesday! Very excited. Thanks, mom!!

After all this walking, learning, and shopping, we were all very worn out. Chase and I dropped Sandy and Dave off at their hotel to rest and we headed home for a few hours. When we got in the door I was feeling very weak so I ate an unpictured bag of trail mix. I gave Chase a bag too and now it is all gone! I think I’m going to hold off on buying more since I seem to be over-consuming it.

Around 7pm Chase and I were really ready for dinner but couldn’t get ahold of Sandy and Dave. Turns out their phones weren’t working, but since we thought they were still resting we ended up snacking on crackers and cheese. Only a little. While we were considering getting more they finally called and we were out the door and off to dinner!

20120318-NOW 001-2

Chase and I have been eyeing this Chinese restaurant, Hunan Wok, since we moved here. It’s the closest Chinese place to our apartment and we walk by it constantly on the way to the grocery store.

20120318-NOW 003-2

I tried out their Kung Pao Tofu with steamed rice. Boy was it a disappointment! It was completely bland. =/ We will not be going back there. My mission to find fried and tasty tofu continues!

20120318-NOW 005-2

Since we were all pretty unsatisfied with our very mediocre meals, we went back to Cherry de Pon for dessert. ^_^ Yes, Chase and I have realized we have been here 3x in 3 days..but it’s soo good and soo affordable. Tonight I got almost completely all Tart Original topped with strawberries, blackberries, mango, and graham cracker crumbs. I did get a smidge of non-fat Pistachio on the side though too. It was pretty decent but I need the tang of the original.

Like I said, today was so eventful I’m afraid tomorrow may look boring! Here’s a great week to us all!  

Have you found any cool tours in your city?


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