Goodbye, Pumpkin

Today finally felt like a productive day! I feel like I can go to bed tired and content. ^_^ It’s a good feeling.

20120316-NOW 003

I got up this morning with a mission to finally finish off the can of pumpkin I have had open for a few weeks now. I really considered making my new favorite breakfast, Fiber One pumpkin pancakes, but I get tired of showing the same meals all the time plus I was too hungry to wait that long for them to cook!

Enter my old favorite hero: pumpkin pie oatmeal (with 10 grain cereal instead of oats)! It cooked up nice and fast with some white chia seeds. I then topped it with a big spoonful of almond butter and sprinkled craisins and white chocolate chips on top.

It tasted like I was saying goodbye to fall, hello spring!


And the weather completely agreed. After what seems like weeks of constant rain and gloom, the Seattle sky finally opened up and let the sun shine through today!

I started my sunny day off right with a 30 minute treadmill interval workout at 2% incline. Phew! It got a little rough.

20120316-NOW 004

Last night I received a nice email from my Aunt Karen (Hi!!) reminding me that it is important to get in a post-workout snack to help your muscles recover from the stress you’ve put on them.

I used to always have a post workout snack (before I started this blog), but along the way I decided I was eating too much and let it go. My recent love of interval training though has really been a lot harder work on my muscles and now I think I need to put it back in.

Aunt Karen suggested chocolate milk which most everyone agrees is the perfect recovery fuel. Today though I was really trying to avoid dairy since my tummy’s been having some issues. Instead, I munched on half a banana and some peanut butter.

Honestly, I think this post-workout snack is a really smart move. I wasn’t famished when lunch-time came around!

20120316-NOW 005

Sadly my lunch had a little failure. >.< These hot dog buns I broiled with parmesan cheese in the oven really didn’t hold up to the wetness of my veggie spaghetti sauce. And one thing I can’t stomach is soggy bread! I ended up eating almost an entire one and then just picked the sauce off the other.

Not really satisfied, I enjoyed a serving of TJ’s Peanut Butter Cup Trax Mix and the other half of my banana with peanut butter.

Fueled up, Chase and I went to town cleaning the apartment to get ready for my mum to visit! Scrubbing, vacuuming, rearranging, ect. We even went out to Joan (my ‘98 Toyota Camary) and checked all her fluids and threw out trash. It felt very productive. =D

After all that work I trekked to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few items to bring for lunch tomorrow (my first day of work). Once home, Chase surprised me by agreeing to go on a walk in this gorgeous weather!


I love all the cherry blossoms here. Definitely not something you see in Montana! We walked all the way to my new job, 2 miles away. I’m a part-time receptionist at an optometry! It’s not very many hours, but I love how close it is to home.


While we walked around the very chic area where my office resides, we stumbled across Cherry de Pon’s grand opening! 20% off self-serve frozen yogurt!? Yes please!

I love self-serves because they are generally more budget friendly ($0.39 an oz! Chase and I’s total together was only $4.18!) and I love trying all the flavors! They had fun flavors like Taro, Cherry Amaretto, Pumpkin, and Red Velvet!


However, I always get the Tart Original and this time I also got a little taste of White Chocolate Mousse too. Topped with strawberries, blackberries, peanuts, and mochi! Yum yum! I loved this cute shop! I vowed to make it my go to fro-yo since I’ll be over here every Saturday. ~.^

20120316-NOW 008

The fro-yo really held me over too! Dinner wasn’t until 7:30, and yes, the exact same thing as the rest of the entire week. I figured, my mum will be here tomorrow and then we can try new things! To mix it up a tiny bit I had a small Caesar salad on the side.

For dessert I’ve eaten two baggies of trail mix. =/ I even want another. >.< I tried to stop myself from eating more by drinking a cup of green tea in between but it’s not helping! Yarg!

Any plans for St. Patty’s Day?


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