I had one of those days where I just want to post yet another wordless post. =/ Just absolutely nothing exciting happened. My life is pretty stagnant right now since I don’t work until Saturday and I don’t have any extra money to do anything.

I’m so dreadfully sorry for how boring these posts are becoming! All I can say is I’m very excited for my mother and her boyfriend to come visit for a few days starting this Saturday since there will hopefully be lots of sightseeing and restaurant reviewing. Please try to bear with me until then!

20120315-NOW 002

Breakfast today was a big bowl of my newest addiction, Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Bran. This stuff is seriously good. I enjoyed it with skim milk and 1/2 a banana. I wanted more but instead made myself a cup of hot tea to warm me up and keep me awake.

Proudly, I did not go back to sleep this morning! Instead I went straight to the gym and did 35 minutes on the Hill setting of the stationary bike. I really enjoy getting in some reading time while I sweat buckets.

20120315-NOW 003

I was hungry for lunch pretty early today and dug in around noon. I made a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with a cup of Pacific Natural Food’s Hearty Tomato Bisque, the other half of my banana, and some cherry tomatoes.

The soup was delicious but sadly the sandwich was a bit let down. I don’t know what it was but I just really wasn’t enjoying it. It didn’t taste right.

20120315-NOW 006

My lunch didn’t hold me over either. =/ A couple hours later I ended up having 2 small bowls of the rest of the Pumpkin Raisin Bran. Apparently cereal is becoming somewhat of a trigger food for me. I think I need to either stop buying it or portion it out into bags like I do with trail mix.

20120315-NOW 008

Due to this cereal splurging, I wasn’t hungry until 8pm. But then I was suddenly really hungry. Like zombie needs brains. I heated up the exact same dinner as the rest of the week to save me from killing Chase. =P Yay Spaghetti!

20120315-NOW 009

For dessert, while I wrote this post, I sipped on sugar-free cocoa. ❤

I hope all of you had a more exciting day then I did!

On a side note: We are in the market for a nice but not super expensive loveseat. Does anyone know of any good online sellers?


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