All or Nothing

Occasionally I suffer from an “all or nothing” mentality. I’m sure everyone does who has watched their diet before. “Oh no I just ate one more cookie than I was going to I better just finish off the whole box now.” If you haven’t felt this way ever, you’re very lucky because it can be really hard to let that mentality go.

Today I struggled with a lot of “all or nothing”s.

20120314-NOW 002

First off I made another batch of Fiber One pumpkin pancakes and had just as much trouble getting them to not fall apart as I did the first time. The last pancake always turns out perfectly but the others just fall to pieces. I almost threw in the towel and tossed them in the garbage but then I realized it really didn’t matter. They would still taste the same and were just as nutritious. They didn’t have to turn out photogenic or not at all.

Drizzled with almond butter and sprinkled with craisins and chocolate/sugar/coffee grinds, they all tasted amazing and I was happy that I had made them. ❤

Next up I stupidly did the exact same thing I did yesterday. I got back in bed for a “30 minute nap” that turned into a sleep till noon nap.  -_- When I woke up I had an “all or nothing” mentality about how my day was ruined and I couldn’t possibly keep my workout schedule now.

It took me a little self-badgering but I was able to convince myself to ignore this mentality. I had plenty of time left in the day to stick to my plans.

20120314-NOW 004

Instead of making the mistake I did yesterday, I ate lunch before heading to the gym. I did not want to come back as famished as I had and scarf down another bowl of cereal. And oh boy was my lunch delicious! Roasted Brussels sprouts and TJ’s Chicken-less Orange Morsels with a glass of ice coffee. I will definitely buy these again!

After letting my food sit for a bit I laced up my shoes, ran to the gym (it was really raining!), and got in a sweaty 30 minute treadmill interval workout. I kept the same speeds but I raised the incline to 2% and that made a huge difference! I still haven’t found a good incline workout though, so please comment if you know of one!

I’m always so happy when I stick to my workout schedule. It’s sometimes a struggle, but I really have to remind myself that one can workout any time of the day! There are 24 hours. That’s plenty of time to fit it in.

20120314-NOW 005

Awhile after finishing and showering I was suddenly hungry! I stuck to a smart snack of banana and crunchy peanut butter. Love it! I will probably be eating these for the rest of my life.

20120314-NOW 006

About an hour later my stomach grumbled for more!! So I had a bowl of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Bran with skim milk. (Really love this stuff!)

20120314-NOW 007

Believe it or not, an hour or so after that my stomach was hungry again!!! I have no idea why but perhaps it was the lack of carbs in my lunch? o.O I appeased it once more with a baggie of Peanut Butter Cup Trax Mix.

After eating as much as I did, I almost gave into my “all or nothing” thinking and grabbed another bowl of cereal but I knew that kind of thinking didn’t get me where I am today. I accepted the fact that I did eat a lot of food but it was totally because I was hungry. Eating more after that would not be. My hunger was finally satisfied and that was good and there was no reason to punish myself.

20120314-NOW 008

Listening to my hunger, Chase and I didn’t eat dinner until around 8:30pm! By then I was very ready for it! I heated up yet another bowl of whole wheat spaghetti noodles and veggie sauce. I’m sure you’re all getting tired of seeing it but it’s seriously yummy and satisfying. ^_^

And there you have it. Let’s all strive for no more “all or nothing” thinking!


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